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6:59 AM

104.2 mi


11:37 mi


156.2 lb


47 F

Race Result

9 / 40 (22.5%)
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Big Dog Backyard Ultra

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9th DNF out of 40 runners for number of miles and second fastest overall pace. My laps look very consistent for splits as far as trail vs. road. The only 2 laps I felt poorly were 21 (not sure why) and 24 (lack of energy - needed food). I almost quit after laps 21 and 24. At 21, for some reason I went back out and felt better after forcing down some shot blocks and peanut butter crackers. After loop 24, someone offered me a piece of peach pie and I immediately started to feel better. I guess blood sugar was low. No way I could have completed 25 in the cutoff without the pie. Maybe I should have attempted another but I accomplished my A-goal which was to complete a trail loop in the cutoff after coming off the 50 miles of road. Laz seemed disappointed I stopped but I was mentally ready and okay with it. Will attempt a more detailed report at some point.