Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

1.02 mi5:06.065:01Fire Cracker Mile7/4/2010View Race
1.08 mi6:00.175:34Malted Mile9/24/2017View Race
2.42 mi20:238:26Thursday Night Trail Race - Capen Park4/28/2016View Race
2.74 mi17:44.816:29It's Raining Cats and Dogs4/28/2013View Race
2.82 mi21:18.107:34Three Creeks4/7/2016View Race
2.93 mi18:04.466:11Water Gun Run 5K8/3/2013View Race
2.97 mi18:18.106:10St Patrick's Day 5K3/12/2016View Race
3.03 mi17:47.675:53Jay Dix5/9/2009View Race
3.06 mi18:38.716:06Blueridge Mustang Stampede 5K4/28/2012View Race
3.10 mi18:225:56Jay Dix 5K4/12/2008View Race
3.15 mi18:41.905:57St Patrick's Day 5K3/17/2012View Race
3.19 mi18:48.805:54St Patrick's Day 5K3/16/2013View Race
3.80 mi34:038:58Thursday Night Trail Race - Deer Run4/21/2016View Race
3.90 mi24:57.606:24Parley Pratt7/4/2009View Race
3.94 mi23:41.426:01Parley Pratt 4 miler7/4/2015View Race
4.03 mi24:27.116:05Parley Pratt7/3/2010View Race
8.00 km32:116:29Jeff Shikles 8K6/1/2008View Race
5.00 mi30:536:11Joe Marks 5 Mile Human Race5/10/2008View Race
5.13 mi31:44.406:12USA Cross Country Championships2/2/2013View Race
5.27 mi34:08.416:29Trekking for Kids6/12/2010View Race
5.32 mi33:00.536:13Trekking for Kids6/18/2011View Race
6.10 mi39:57.246:33Jay Dix 10K5/13/2017View Race
6.19 mi38:326:14Show Me Games 10K7/28/2013View Race
10.00 km38:426:14Thanksgiving Day Pie Run11/27/2008View Race
6.28 mi38:31.836:09Prevent 10K10/29/2011View Race
6.30 mi39:37.146:18Thanksgiving Day Pie Run11/24/2016View Race
6.39 mi42:25.476:39Show Me State Games7/26/2015View Race
7.01 mi52:36.107:31Three Creeks5/5/2016View Race
10.00 mi1:04:506:29Cheese & Sauerkraut12/13/2008View Race
10.08 mi1:03:50.126:20Cheese &Sauerkraut12/11/2010View Race
10.11 mi1:04:05.936:21Capital Pursuit9/25/2011View Race
12.37 mi1:25:52.066:57Runner's Choice1/16/2010View Race
20.00 km1:36:367:47Rock Bridge Revenge10/19/2008View Race
12.49 mi1:27:50.677:02Runner's Choice 20K1/12/2013View Race
12.54 mi1:33:57.137:30Runner's Choice1/15/2011View Race
12.60 mi1:26:156:51Runner's Choice 20K1/5/2008View Race
12.69 mi1:52:43.958:54In2Action Trail Halfish Marathon6/13/2015View Race
12.97 mi1:50:18.748:31F*L*A*T*S Half Marathon10/28/2017View Race
13.04 mi1:26:48.606:40Roots n Blues9/10/2011View Race
Half Marathon1:23:50.746:24Sedalia Half Marathon3/20/2010View Race
13.17 mi1:25:33.866:30Sedalia Half Marathon3/31/2012View Race
13.38 mi1:27:10.126:31Root 'n Blues Half Marathon+9/26/2009View Race
13.50 mi2:35:0611:303 Days of Syllamo 20K+3/16/2008View Race
13.62 mi3:01:39.1813:213 Days of Syllamo3/16/2014View Race
13.67 mi2:22:50.3510:27Three Days of Syllamo 20K3/22/2015View Race
13.79 mi2:33:55.7511:103 Days of Syllamo3/11/2012View Race
15.20 mi2:07:29.688:24Rock Bridge Revenge 25K9/29/2012View Race
25.00 km2:22:23.929:11Rock Bridge Revenge10/11/2009View Race
15.57 mi2:14:46.858:40Rock Bridge Revenge 25K9/28/2013View Race
15.88 mi2:17:37.768:415/4/2019View Race
16.64 mi3:26:3412:25Big Dog Backyard Ultra10/16/2016View Race
16.83 mi1:57:45.537:00Capitol to Courthouse10/22/2011View Race
19.71 mi2:15:42.226:54Coach E. 3/4 Marathon - Salisbury to Brunswick10/2/2010View Race
Marathon2:57:476:48Boston Marathon4/21/2008View Race
26.30 mi3:00:23.366:52Heart of America Marathon9/7/2009View Race
26.35 mi2:59:38.186:50Lewis and Clark Marathon9/13/2009View Race
26.42 mi2:58:576:47Boston Marathon4/20/2009View Race
26.45 mi3:02:57.626:56Heart of America Marathon9/6/2010View Race
26.49 mi3:13:43.937:19Heart of America Marathon9/1/2014View Race
26.54 mi3:04:34.216:58Heart of America Marathon9/2/2013View Race
26.61 mi4:35:28.4410:22Post Oak Marathon2/26/2012View Race
29.30 mi5:42:30.8511:423 Days of Syllamo3/9/2012View Race
29.39 mi4:46:39.429:46Rock Bridge Revenge10/10/2010View Race
29.71 mi5:26:35.3611:00Rock Bridge Revenge 50K10/7/2017View Race
29.92 mi5:41:3811:26Psycho Psummer 50K7/23/2016View Race
29.98 mi4:50:02.309:41Defiance 50K10/10/2015View Race
30.18 mi6:30:5312:58Three Days of Syllamo 50K3/20/2015View Race
30.27 mi4:54:05.989:43Rock Bridge Revenge 50K10/3/2015View Race
30.32 mi5:12:19.7810:19Rock Bridge Revenge 50K10/8/2016View Race
30.71 mi5:11:32.1210:09Rock Bridge Revenge 50K10/2/2011View Race
30.88 mi5:11:1810:05Ozark Foothills 50K4/9/2016View Race
50.00 km4:59:079:38Rock Creek Trail Series 50K10/25/2008View Race
31.12 mi4:17:50.168:18Q50 Ultramarathon 50K - Mandeville, LA10/18/2009View Race
31.18 mi7:07:02.2013:42Psycho Psummer 50K7/11/2015View Race
31.25 mi6:21:13.5312:12Psycho Psummer 50K7/9/2011View Race
32.03 mi6:00:1211:15Dusk to Dawn - 6 hour6/30/2019View Race
32.19 mi5:21:34.1810:00Post Oak 50K2/25/2012View Race
44.41 mi9:37:09.4313:00Three Days of Syllamo 50 mile3/21/2015View Race
47.74 mi11:48:55.5014:513 Days of Syllamo3/15/2014View Race
49.35 mi10:45:26.8313:053 Days of Syllamo3/10/2012View Race
50.00 mi8:09:09.899:47Land Between the Lakes Trail Runs3/9/2013View Race
50.60 mi9:36:50.8511:25Mark Twain 509/19/2015View Race
50.76 mi9:18:28.9611:01Berryman Trail5/21/2016View Race
50.80 mi9:39:4411:25Berryman Trail5/19/2012View Race
51.00 mi9:43:02.0511:26Berryman Trail5/20/2017View Race
51.12 mi9:47:05.6211:305/18/2019View Race
51.40 mi8:52:29.0810:22Berryman Trail5/17/2014View Race
51.70 mi9:04:2110:32Berryman Trail5/16/2015View Race
57.07 mi12:12:25.9212:51Free State Trail 100K4/16/2016View Race
59.20 mi13:37:56.7313:49Flat Rock 101K4/30/2016View Race
100.00 km11:14:06.9810:51Free State Trail 100K4/21/2012View Race
62.88 mi11:06:38.5510:37Kettle Moraine 100K6/2/2012View Race
65.34 mi18:39:1217:08Never Summer 100K7/27/2019View Race
74.88 mi14:14:01.9711:25Big Dog Backyard Ultra10/15/2016View Race
100.00 mi19:30:1411:43Big Dog Backyard Ultra10/21/2017View Race
100.62 mi21:21:2212:452010 Kettle Moraine 100 Miler6/5/2010View Race
100.90 mi23:50:4614:11Ozark Trail11/7/2015View Race
102.00 mi27:50:5516:23OT10011/6/2010View Race
102.46 mi20:57:01.1212:17Kettle Moraine 100 miler6/4/2016View Race
102.60 mi20:16:3011:52Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd10/15/2011View Race
104.18 mi20:09:27.7011:37Big Dog Backyard Ultra10/18/2014View Race
117.94 mi23:53:12.2612:10Lions Roar 24 hour4/12/2019View Race
129.80 mi48:00:0022:126 Days in the Dome - 48 hour race8/23/2019View Race