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1:02 PM

2.7 mi


6:29 mi


155.2 lb


58 F
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It's Raining Cats and Dogs

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It's Raining Cats and Dogs 5K was a race to benefit starting a low cost spay/neuter clinic in Columbia and hope that our city will one day become a No Kill city. I don't usually expect much at these dog runs since I have been pretty disappointed with the organization in the past and this race was no exception. Abby dog was itching to run so it was good that we did start almost on time. However, there was no discussion of the course before the race. The only thing that was said it the race will start in 5 min and then 3, 2, 1 and run. I had asked a woman at the starting line if she knew the course and she did not either. We were off and in the least within probably 30 feet and shortly I was way ahead of everyone. There were no volunteers on the course, but I did notice a round sign with a paw print and an arrow so figured out the first turn. Then the course went into a wetland area and there were signs at first. The first mile sign came way too early, but our actual first mile hit at 6:23 Then got to a point where I wasn't sure where to turn - no sign, but saw a water station with what might have been 2 volunteers but they were no where near the table. We went that way. Then I am thinking to myself I wonder which way the course will go next. Will it go to the parking lot or will it loop back around the wetland area. Remembering from another dog run here in the past I decided the wetland area although there were no signs where to turn. There was no one even close behind me but I could see them since behind over on another part of the trail since this is a flat and mostly treeless area. We ran the second mile in 6:25 and I did see a mile 2 sign but again it was off. It was quite obvious the course was going to be short at this point. We finished in 17:44 for 2.74 miles, 6:29 pace overall.

They had advertised the overall winners would receive prizes. Hugh had run to the park to join me after the race. The race started at 1 pm and everyone was done by about 2 pm. Hugh asked when the awards would be and they told him 3 pm so we had to wait another hour. I had skipped lunch and was getting hungry. Lucky I had a few dollars and was able to get lunch out of a food truck. Finally they had the awards ceremony and gave prizes to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 2nd place had already gone home. The prize package for 1st place was very nice. I got an Ultimate Direction Fastdraw Plus water bottle which is my favorite kind of bottle and Abby won a new Lupine leash and collar which is our favorite kind of dog collar. Although I complain about the crappy race organization, I probably would do this race again.