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8:00 AM

12.6 mi


6:51 mi


157 lb


48 F


9 / 10
9 / 10

Race Result



We had twenty-one 20K and twenty 10K turn out this year which must be some kind of recent record. The temperature was great for running but a little wind. I attempted to stay with Phil and Tony and a little behind them to block the wind. Only able to keep up with Phil until about 3 miles and Tony eventually passed me, but he was running the 10K. The hills (long inclines) were already starting to hurt my legs. Caught up to Mike D. and Riley (dog) that were running the 10K, stayed with them awhile, but eventually, he pulled ahead. I was passed near the end of the first loop by Daniel that was running the 10K.

I tried to drink water at the water station on the second loop, but it wasn't going down easily. Darrin briefly caught up to me after I slowed down to drink, but I was able to pull ahead on the next downhill. We had to pass the finish line and go back out and back a short distance. Wind from the south so it was a tough out but easy back.

Placed 2nd overall in the 20K. Not a great time for me and pace definitely fell off a lot in the second half. I believe the course was a little long for 20K so counted it as 12.6 miles as indicated on GPS. I was 2 1/2 min faster than last year, but not my best time for this course. Hugh was 9 min faster than last year. Phil blew us all away at 1:22:32.

M1 - 6:36

M2 - 6:26

M3 - 6:29

M4 - 6:47

M5 - 6:51

M6 - 7:12 (40:20, 6:44/mi pace)

M7 -6:50

M8 - 6:50

M9 - 6:43

M10 - 7:30

M11 - 6:47

M12 - 7:08

M12.6 - 4:05 (45:55, 7:11/mi last 6.4, 1:26:15, 6:51/mi overall)