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5:33 AM

8 mi


7:05 mi


66 F
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Rain Run - A Route

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I was hoping to be able to run at least a 20 min tempo run today, but wasn't sure if I could string together that many miles. I started running as soon as the group took off rather than wait and pass everyone. A new guy (Josh) that showed up last week passed the front pacers so I stayed behind him. Then, we kept going faster and faster. Tom H. caught up to us before Providence and ended up running the whole route with us. On Rollins, Matt, Bill, and that guy I keep forgetting to ask his name, caught us. They slowed a bit and then took off again. We could see them most of the way back. When we got back, I ran my cool down mile with them since they had not started yet.

This was a good run and there was absolutely no chatting during those last few tempo miles. Josh had said something early in the run that he was trying to get back in shape so I am sure he won't be running my pace for much longer. Or maybe I will try to get back in shape too by running hills until I am in shape.