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9:46 AM

11 mi


9:15 mi


151.4 lb


52 F
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Des Moines

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The plan was to find the single track dirt trail and run on it. I found it, but it didn't seem to be much distance on it. I encountered mostly bikers and there were so many trails going every which way I was happy when I got back to the car at 2 miles. Really didn't know which way to go and didn't look like I was going to get much mileage out of it. I then took a paved trail that is part of CITA and it was pretty amazing. I ran out 5 miles or so and it followed near the Racoon River, then I turned and ran around a lake that was near the main trail. Then I noticed a long bridge just for the runners and bikers that went over a lake so took that back and got back on the main trail. The bridge was totally unnecessary since the main trail was just maybe 300 feet away on the bank. The bridge had several warnings, one which said "do not jump from bridge." The bridge was about 0.4 miles and had little plaques about every foot on each side in recognizing someone. There were little glass windows along it that were lighted. A parks worker was about knocking down any cob webs on it. They obviously think very highly of their trail system and bridges in Des Moines. With the map that I checked out when I got back to the car, you could be out there biking or running all day on paved trails in central Iowa. The furthest one went out 56 miles. No reason for the bikers to bike on the road in Des Moines with this amazing trail system that connects several cities in this part of the state. The only problem is it is all quite flat which I found a little boring. The 2 mile of single track was like a roller coaster. I am counting this as a regular road run since I ran mostly on paved trails. There were a lot of people out biking and running on the trails so good to see they are being used.