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8:35 AM

6.3 mi


6:17 mi


160 lb


55 F

Race Result

11 / 199 (5.5%)
2 / 23 (8.7%)
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Thanksgiving Day Pie Run

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Weather was perfect. At race start temperature was around 55F and some wind from the south. I was glad I decided to wear just short sleeves. I didn't sleep well so wasn't sure what to expect but was hoping for something close to 6:15 pace. There were a lot of people. I heard over 800 signed up between the 2 races. The 10K race started 5 minutes before the 5K. Hugh ran the 5K. I lined up as close to the front as possible.

The 10K started out on a different loop than the 5K and we went out and back and then got on the 5K loop. Passed a few people that started fast after the first mile. First mile split was 6:07 which was a little fast, but surprisingly felt easy. I could see Coleman and Chris (in my age group) ahead of me a bit. Ran the next 2 miles in 6:14 each so pace was pretty consistent. Passed Chris and then Coleman. Mile 4 was 6:20. Starting to get more difficult at this point so had to work a little harder to keep the pace. Mile 5 in 6:18 and mile 6 in 6:27. I didn't think I slowed down quite that much but did a lot of weaving in and out of the 5K walkers and ran into one where I couldn't get through and couldn't get stopped in time. I was yelling on your left but many were wearing earbuds so didn't hear me.

Overall time was 39:25 which was only 1 second slower than the 10K I ran in late October. Placed 2nd in my age group 40 - 49 and not sure overall yet, but guessing top 10 - 15. They had donuts but ran out. I didn't really want one anyway. I had some water and a cup of hot chocolate after. The weather warmed up nicely and got into the upper 60s before the end of the awards ceremony. They were having some issues with the results but mostly got it straightened out. Hugh was 4th in his age group and missed 3rd by about 6 seconds. Before the results they drew some names for pies but didn't win anything this year. Only the top 3 in each race 5K, 10K, and 5K walk were awarded pies.

I've run the 5K some years and 10K others. The course sometimes has changed slightly but it is entirely flat no matter what changes they make. Previous 10K times at this race:

2009 - 42:21 (disc issues)

2008 - 38:42 (PR until 2011)

2007 - 39:57 (likely my first ever 10K under 40)

2006- 40:18

Overall, not a terrible race at 10 lbs heavier than normal.