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7:00 PM

4 mi


8:32 mi


154 lb


78 F


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Ran with Hugh, Dan, Copper, Tanner, Bruno and Rusty. This week even Hugh and Rusty ran with us. Rusty's leg is better and he was aching to run when we got there. Very impatient and barking at us to get going. I started out with Rusty and we started just a little too fast to get me moving after a 21 miler today. After the initial start, it turned out to be an enjoyable run, but Bruno was pulling Hugh so I took both dogs for awhile.

We stopped at their creek for drinks and for Bruno to cool off. After finishing Rusty is very ready to go to the pond. We are seeing a lot of the same dogs here every Sat. night. Tanner and Copper shared their squeaky toy with Rusty and Bruno so all dogs got to fetch in the water. We will keep a Frisbee in the car from now on so I don't forget to bring it.

After the pond, we all went to Jason's and this week we just ordered 1 pup cup for each 2 dogs with an extra cup. This was a fun outing as usual. Hopefully, the dogs will sleep well tonight.

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