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9:12 AM

1 mi


5:16 mi


153.2 lb


69 F

Race Result

7 / 8 (87.5%)
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The John Anderson College Avenue Mile

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I competed in the "fast" division. I knew everyone else in this division and figured they would all beat me. I wasn't even sure I could run a sub 5:30 which was the qualifying time for men to compete in this division. Course is pretty flat with a couple slight ups and downs. The final quarter mile is slightly down. I had 2:49 at half mile. Clock said 5:15 when I stopped and I stopped GPS a couple seconds after I finished. Barely finished ahead of Katie. They e-mailed me my result which said 5:29.6 and then I checked the results and was nowhere to be found. Also, noticed 2 others were missing. E-mailed them and they added in 2 of them but say they have no record of Marc Keys signing up for the race. They didn't acknowledge anything about the time discrepancy but others thought they were off about 13 seconds too. Update: They have contacted me and we are getting closer to getting things right. Checked and still wrong. Hopefully, on the next try! Final Update: Times are now correct.

Otherwise, had a good time and it was fun. Course came out to 1.00 so they was a pleasant surprise too!