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5:34 AM

9 mi


8:29 mi


153 lb


70 F
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Golf Course & Highridge Dr

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I didn't realize we were running hills on the golf course today but decided to make the most of it. I ran a lot of hills last week and was hoping to wait until Sunday to run more. On the golf course I ran the uphills and faster on the down hills. On the soft grass, it felt really easy to run fast down hill. I ran 4 of the hill repeats and then headed back out to the trail towards Stadium. From Forum, I went over to the hill on Highridge and ran 6 repeats and then headed back to the Forum trailhead. I think the funnest part of running these repeats is looking at the graph after. It really looks like a hard workout with so many changes in elevation. It definitely gets the heart rate up higher than running a less hilly course.