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2:20 PM

6.2 mi


11:35 mi


55 F


7 / 10
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6+ miles


First 6 mile run. Ended up a little over 6 miles because part of my route was closed and I had to detour. Overall I did well. I had some muscle stiffness/soreness in my shin starting out, and I felt it in my hamstring for a while. Over the course of the run it loosened up though, and I felt good. This is only the second time I have worn these shoes and the first time on the street. I think they are still a little stiff. I drank some Gatorade during the run and I think it helped. I tried eating Hershey kisses for energy but they made my throat phlegmy. Need to try something else next time. Overall, a good long run and a real milestone in my training. My legs feel tired, though. Think I need to give them a day or two off.

Updated: My shins got very stiff and sore during the course of the evening. Felt okay sitting down but as soon as I would stand they would hurt. This has subsided by Tuesday p.m. but is still present to an extent. Interestingly, my calves (to a degree) and my hamstrings are very sore as well. So something's going on. Took two rest days, haven't decided yet about a third. Will see how I feel. Need to watch this, and stretch more often.