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9:46 AM

5 km


5:29 mi


150 lb


40 F
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An Ras Mor

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About the best race I could have run. That was everything. (PR)

Fun to run a 5k in a grand prix field, racing people from wire to wire. Kevin Delaney passed me about half way looking strong and I tried to hold on to him but he put a few meters on me. Held the gap and maybe closed it a little in the 3rd mile which was a total blur. Passed some people I never beat (although some of them probably did 22 miles the day before). At the 3 mile mark looked at my watch and saw 5:26 for that mile and knew there was still a chance. Kicked for my life, saw the finish clock turn to 17 before I got there, but that's unofficial and was a couple seconds off anyway...and that was gun time.

I knew I had not made it on gun time and that it would come down to the chip. No matter what I was very happy as it wast he fastest 5k I'd run in at least 10 years if not a lifetime.

We went out for our 13-mile cooldown (Boston is 3 weeks out) without knowing the results. X had to make a pit stop and so took a picture of the raw results on his phone and showed it to me as we were finishing our run. There it was--16:59.44. I knew that meant they would round up to 17 flat for the official results since any tenths always get rounded up to the next whole second in road races. But I was looking at verifiable proof that I had run a 5k in under 17 minutes for the first time ever. So that was pretty cool.



well done, brother

another one

My man, there you go. Under 17 like a boss.


You killed it, Mikey. Great job.


Yep, there it is in the PR list.


motha trucka


awesome race