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3000 m


5:17 mi


156 lb


BU Mini Meet. Pretty good effort, just wasn't willing to hurt as bad as in last weekend's mile. Crazy race with 23 people in the heat so a lot of traffic and not much time when I could settle into a consistent pace in lane 1 and just turn laps.

Things are a little hazy about the last few lap splits but either my memory is off, or I really cratered in the last lap. I remember thinking I had 9:45 kind of locked up and then when I saw 9:50 I was a little surprised. Thing is I can't remember what my 14th lap split was so I don't really know why I thought 9:45 was wrapped up...and it's hard to know if I slowed down on the last lap since I was lapping a lot of people who were really rigging up so my perception of speed was probably all whacked anyway. Either way, pretty decent effort for the first time ever racing that distance, especially with so much traffic. I know I was right on 9:50 pace through about 2400m so most likely I just maintained pace for the last 600 while everyone else was fading. Strange feeling though because it felt like I was flying those last 3 laps.



That's a lot of laps at killer pace. nice work.