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This was my 13th marathon and certainly was the lucky one. My 2013 started out horribly with an injury in a 10k on New Year's Day. I was not able to run a step for 3 weeks with sciatic nerve pain. By the end of February, I was running pain free again. The problem was that even though I was registered for the Boston marathon, I was not in top shape yet in April. This meant that plan B was the Buffalo marathon 6 weeks later. I had never done Buffalo mainly because the late date scares me with a possible hot weather day.

Race day in Buffalo. Weather was cold but dry and absolutely beautiful for running! The only complaint was that they didn't open the convention center prior to the race. Our original plan was to hang out there after arrving at 6AM. Due to security concerns, it was closed. That made for a cold wait on the sidewalks outside. However I loved everything else about the race. Very well organized, traffic control was perfect, the volunteers were awesome. Plenty of water stops along the way. Quite a few bands on the course making it a mini rock and roll marathon.

My only goal for this race was to go sub 2:50. I first broke 2:55 five years ago and thought sub 2:50 would come easily then but I have failed to reach that goal each time since. My first mile was a 6:18. I'm thinking that's too fast. Did I just blow my race in the first mile by going out too hard? But it felt so easy that I just went with it. By 5K a group of 3 of us had formed. Me, Neely Spence (professional runner with Hanson's), and from looking at the results - Ryan Murphy from Williamsville. Both of them were doing the half marathon and let me draft. They became my personal pacers until the half marathon turn off. I am very grateful to them. It made for a calm first half of the race clicking off 6:20 miles easily. Our little group was chatting away like a Sunday morning social group long run. Neely is such an awesome person and athlete. Cheering for everyone along the way and thanking every volunteer. She is running Prefontaine next week so this was just an easy day in her preparation. I hope she has a long successful running career.

My pacers wished me luck in the full at the turn off and they went to the finish line. I went through half way at 1:23 even. I had many doubts if I could hold on. I was now completely alone. I could see no one up the road and no one behind. Spectators were telling me that I was 10th overall at that point. I kept waiting for the inevitable fade just like what has happened in every marathon before. Well, shockingly it never came. My legs felt decent the whole way. Second half was 1:23:55. Unbelievable!

Such a feeling of relief at the finish line. My beautiful wife and parents were waiting to greet me. They were as happy as me because they knew how much this meant to me. Back home in this city that I love so much. What a perfect day.

I have never done a marathon without saying - "Never Again." I will never do another marathon! These things are just stupid! Why would anyone do this to themselves! This time is different because the Boston marathon is going to be something special next year and I want to be part of it. So I have at least one more marathon to do. Now I also have a new goal - is sub 2:45 possible? I can't wait to find out.