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9:00 AM

26.6 mi


10:40 mi


155 lb


45 F
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Little Rock Marathon

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after having to take 3 weeks off for injury i finished the marathon!! i'm so happy I could finish but then so dissappointed. My training was going so well. I really thought I was going to PR after averaging 8:51 for my 20 miler and feeling great after that run.... but my i.t. band had other plans. You could tell i still had some of my training in me since through 10 miles i averaged under a 9:00 mile. But at mile 10 I had to walk because of fatigue (not used to running) and then at mile 12 my right calf muslce started cramping... bad... so bad i had to stop and stretch it. that was what killed the race. it wasn't my injury... that didn't start bothering me until mile 24... it was my calves... both of them. They would cramp so bad that i could not pull my foot toward my shin. i don't know why i was cramping so much.. i hydrated the day before... it must have been my lack of running for 3 weeks. But, hey, i finished my 8th marathon and had fun doing it!!!!