Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

1.00 mi6:306:30Hardrock Depletion Mile7/16/2017View Race
1.26 mi9:44.687:453/14/2016View Race
2.00 mi12:206:10Trail Days Fun Run5/17/2008View Race
2.50 mi16:536:46CRREL Memorial Fun Run6/22/2018View Race
5.00 km19:406:20AGU 5k12/11/2013View Race
4.00 mi28:397:10Herbie's Home Town Loop8/15/2009View Race
4.50 mi36:008:00Zackathlon5/22/2016View Race
5.00 mi33:526:475 Miler (Veterans Race / Bellefonte)11/3/2013View Race
10.00 km39:596:27Tussey Teaser #3 - Beidleheimer5/11/2013View Race
6.30 mi49:407:54TARC Spring Classic - 10k4/20/2019View Race
7.10 mi53:587:37The 42nd John Langhans Green Mile Road Race7/4/2018View Race
8.70 mi1:14:008:31Groton Town Forest Trail Run10/14/2018View Race
9.00 mi1:18:148:42Gaspin in the Aspen8/24/2019View Race
9.87 mi1:37:10.739:513/13/2016View Race
10.00 mi1:14:507:29Rodney Myers Memorial Egg Hill Run3/22/2015View Race
10.25 mi1:55:47.2511:183/13/2016View Race
11.00 mi1:25:007:44Tussey Teaser #24/6/2014View Race
Half Marathon1:30:126:54Slacker Half-Marathon6/25/2011View Race
14.20 mi3:50:0016:12Frozen Snot Run1/25/2014View Race
14.45 mi2:48:04.5211:383/13/2016View Race
15.00 mi2:46:3011:06NY Ridgewalk and Run10/19/2008View Race
25.00 km2:49:2810:55Drummer Hill 25k6/15/2019View Race
16.00 mi1:53:307:06Boston Prep 16-Miler Race1/28/2018View Race
30.00 km3:39:02.1511:46Rothrock Challenge6/1/2013View Race
18.70 mi2:16:557:20Stu's 30K3/4/2018View Race
19.00 mi3:47:0011:57Rothrock Challenge6/7/2014View Race
19.80 mi3:15:509:54CJ's Resolution Challenge1/8/2022View Race
20.10 mi3:18:389:53CJ's Resolution Challenge Virtual Race1/3/2021View Race
21.65 mi3:08:008:42CJ's Revolutions Resolution (Virtual) 3-hr1/7/2017View Race
35.00 km5:12:0114:21Mogollon Monster 35k9/15/2019View Race
22.10 mi3:06:008:25CJ's Resolution Challenge Virtual Race1/7/2018View Race
22.80 mi3:12:008:26CJ Resolution Challenge 3-Hour1/4/2014View Race
23.14 mi4:25:39.4711:29Dummer Hill 37.5K (3 Loops)6/16/2018View Race
Marathon3:06:43.697:08Revel Rockies Marathon6/11/2017View Race
26.30 mi4:18:009:49Inaugural JOIDES Resolution Antarctic Hell-Deck Marathon3/4/2019View Race
26.50 mi3:55:008:53TARC Spring Classic - Trail Marathon4/22/2017View Race
27.40 mi5:48:0012:43TARCkey Trot (6hr)11/18/2017View Race
27.50 mi4:00:008:44Tussey Mountainback 50 (2-man team)10/19/2014View Race
28.17 mi5:09:32.4511:003/12/2016View Race
30.00 mi4:59:009:58Ghost Train Ultra10/22/2016View Race
50.00 km5:40:5410:59Fire on the Mountain 50k10/28/2012View Race
31.50 mi5:55:0011:17TARC To Hale and Back3/25/2017View Race
37.37 mi9:27:47.3515:12Mt. Tammany 10!3/19/2016View Race
40.00 mi9:29:0014:14TARC Fells (40 Miler)12/5/2015View Race
50.00 mi7:49:509:24Tussey Mountainback 5010/23/2011View Race
53.00 mi15:04:0017:04Manitou's Revenge6/21/2014View Race
54.00 mi13:00:0014:27Big's Backyard10/22/2017View Race
55.00 mi10:00:0010:55Mind The Ducks5/9/2015View Race
59.00 mi11:54:0012:07BURCS 12hr7/8/2018View Race
60.00 mi11:15:0011:15Ghost Train Ultra10/20/2018View Race
62.10 mi11:59:3511:36Miwok 100k5/6/2017View Race
100.00 km9:54:009:34Lake Waramaug 100k4/29/2018View Race
70.80 mi11:57:0010:08Mind the Ducks 12 hr5/13/2017View Race
72.86 mi11:56:009:50Mind the Ducks (12-Hour)5/10/2014View Race
73.00 mi11:59:309:52Dawn 2 Dusk 2 Dawn Ultra5/31/2014View Race
100.00 mi19:36:0011:46Beast of Burden 1001/18/2014View Race
100.20 mi27:51:4616:42Western States 1006/24/2017View Race
100.40 mi39:59:1623:54Hardrock 1007/20/2018View Race
105.00 mi24:00:0013:43O24 Race4/30/2016View Race
108.00 mi24:00:0013:20New Jersey One Day (24 hr)11/8/2014View Race
113.60 mi38:40:0020:26TWOT 1002/16/2018View Race
114.00 mi23:55:0012:36NJ One Day (24-Hour)11/9/2013View Race
135.00 mi38:06:0016:56Badwater Ultramarathon7/16/2012View Race
153.40 mi35:33:0013:55Spartathlon9/28/2018View Race
231.00 mi72:00:0018:433 Days at the Fair (72-hour)5/16/2013View Race
246.00 mi72:00:0017:343 Days at the Fair (72-hour)5/15/2014View Race
248.00 mi72:00:0017:263 Days at the Fair (72-hour)5/14/2015View Race
257.00 mi72:00:0016:493 Days at the Fair5/12/2016View Race
314.00 mi112:19:0121:28Last Annual Vol State Road Race7/12/2013View Race
314.15 mi115:30:0022:04Last Annual Vol State Road Race7/9/2015View Race