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1:45 PM

6 mi


6:49 mi


60 F


8 / 10
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6 Mile Tempo Run; Originally this run was suppose to be at Steady State Pace (6:53 - 7:05) Ultimately, every mile fell within my tempo pace (6:36-6:53); Overall it was a great effort. It was another windy day (20 MPH) with the bulk of the wind coming at me on the way out. I had a nice effort on the final mile with 6:37 even though I was not really trying to pick it up. It may have been an effort on my part just to get home quicker but I honestly could have picked it up alot more. I am ranking 8 out of 10 effort but I would say it is closer to 7.5.

This is my 6 mile PR. That is a good feeling for me on this training run and it gives me some idea of how I would run a 10K if I get around to it.