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5:30 AM

7.7 mi


8:50 mi


170 lb
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Mulch pile


I started out before the rest of the group because I knew not to wait for Ed. I wonder if he ran this morning in Mexico City...

8.41 -- I don't have anyone but myself to blame for starting this fast. No, wait, I'll blame it on the only person who passed me in the first mile -- ANDY.

8.26 -- Sam caught me right around the one-mile mark, and the usual suspects caught me before mile 2.

8.29 -- trying to keep Tony Rigdon in sight -- he must be doing a recovery run today.

9.04 -- slowing down while running through the woods

9.24 -- slowing down even more running back through the woods

9.21 -- remaining unmotivated

8.53 -- picked it up a little. I don't usually speed up once I've slowed down. Yay?!

5.38 (8.09) -- trying mightily to come up with a sub-9-minute average pace. Managed, but not by much. There were 3 guys behind me who were evidently trying to catch me, and my sub-9-average effort evidently thwarted them.