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8:11 AM

3.4 mi


6:56 mi


163 bpm
173 bpm


69 F

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Ride Run Roll Relay - FHP, Ocala

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up at 9, 1030, and 130 (never fell back asleep after) - JHC, kill me now

2pc pb toast at 4, half bagel with cream cheese ~720, sport beans with caffeine ~745

69, 82%

Ride Run Roll Relay!

hung just behind the lead woman after passing a bunch of people in the first half mile, passed her after a slow mile 2, passed second place male around 2.5 miles, never saw the first place kid after the first turn - he was only 14 and flew like his feet were on fire! ended up 2nd place overall, 1st place woman - they called it a 5k but was a bit over that, according to everyone's GPSs - Marion & Doc kicked ass and then Randy did on the bike! so we were 2nd place team!! woop woop!

vo2m 58 altho it appears to be showing elsewhere as 45+

knee was a smooch twingey this AM, so i rocktaped as precaution, it was a little sore for race and tempo, but not terrible - took 2 ibus when got home at 130, will do a couple more before bed