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6:30 AM

32.6 mi


8:52 mi


156 bpm
177 bpm

Race Result

3 / 53 (5.7%)
1 / 26 (3.8%)

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Lake Baldwin Fat A$$ 50K

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hadn't heard about this race til 7/15, brian said if i was feeling well recovered from leadville, it'd be ok to do it, so long as i treated it like a training run and "don't go crazy"

2 pcs PB toast at 4

1 pack sport beans w/ caffeine at 6 (30 mins before start)

92, 57%, with a feels like of 105, ie HOT AS FUCK

13 ~2.5-mile laps around Lake Baldwin (nearly had a BQ time at 26.2, despite the crazy heat - 3:51:xx)

vo2m 59

11% z1, 18% z2, 37% z3, 27% z4, 5% z5 (yikes! Did feel close to keeling over and dying a couple of times)

1st place female, 3rd overall! (Fairly certain I was 3rd overall, as third place male had a fb post showing his overall pace as 10:05 which would give him atime of 5:30 something, plus i could see in his finish line video that my car was already gone from the parking lot!)

v small, informal race, free, and no pre-reg, just sign in when you get there - only 53 people total, 26 women; no chips, no mats, just volunteers ticking off laps as people passed over the dog park parking lot speed bump :)

self-supported, everyone had their stuff at the back of their cars to grab as needed

1 newton every lap for first 10 laps, then did a packet of sport beans for 11, then just a caffeine chew for 12 (also had one at 1:15, and 2:15:00, nothing for last lap - mouth wasn't having it, drank a shit ton of LMNT and a couple bottles of regular water, ~lap 9 also started stuffing my bra with ice cubes - so refreshing! :)

HUGE painful blister under fourth toenail, left foot, that nail is def coming off