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6:08 AM

32.1 mi


12:16 mi


146 bpm
167 bpm


96 F

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Arbuckle Anklebiter 100k

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My first DNF!

2 pcs pb toast at 230

1 half liter of lmnt on v stressful 2 hr drive (good thing I left at 3am - why the fuck were there so many ppl on I4 at that hour? 2 terrible accidents tied up traffic for miles)

77, 98% at 6ish a.m. start, and just got worse from there

Took an lmnt swig every mile, ate half a hostess every 30 mins, stopped to top off bottle and dump ice down my bra at the 2 aid stations, but they were soooo far apart

The fucking sun was relentless and 75% of the course (tho beautiful with lots of wildflowers) had ZERO shade

Fell once by the lake after tripping on a cypress knee

Didn’t feel good after first 30k loop but stopped at my car to drink a ton of ice cold water and perked up enough to tell myself if I could just get thru one more 30k loop, all that would be left were 2 20k loops

So set out on 2nd 30k loop

Fell again maybe 2 miles in after tripping on something I didn't even see

Only made it to the first aid station before tapping out, thought for sure I had heat stroke, had chills, goose bumps, nausea, couldn't see straight, sat there for a while, drank a whole liter of lmnt, then trudged back to camp on a shorter loop

96, 41%, with a feels like of 103 at end