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2:46 PM



79 bpm
95 bpm
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Northpoint Gym - after Clermont; wasn't going to do it, but pain in shoulder pretty much went away over the course of the day

3x8 chest press, 20 lbs

3x10 alternating biceps curls, 15lbs each

3x8 triceps pulldowns, 70 lbs

3x8 leg extension, 25 lbs (usually can manage 35 lbs but legs were toast today)

3x10 seated low rows, 45 lbs

3x8 lat pulls downs, 55 lbs

3x10 bosu crunches with ball, 10 lbs

3x10 slam ball squats, 10 lbs

3x10 wall sits with ball, 10 lbs

3x8 dumbbell deadlifts (25 lbs each)

3x10 triceps, 10 lbs each