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7:30 AM

5 km


7:01 mi


166 bpm
177 bpm


79 F

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sleep was just a dream last night bc of Red Hot & Boom :(

Track Shack Watermelon 5k

79 at start, not sure of humidity but was already sweating just listening to natl anthem)

1 pc pb toast @ 415, did the 30mins yoga & walked Pac beforehand

had 16oz lemon lime nuun on way over and walking around, 2 headache/caffeine meds @ 6:50, sport beans w/ caffeine at 7:05

felt REALLY good (except for melting in sweat), was v glad that left shin pain upon waking up today wasn't an issue (Tho 5 hrs later, pain is back- mebbe rest tomorrow?)

another WP race w/ lots of brick streets, wavi/unevenness was nerve wracking!

finish line photo shows 21:47

garmin recorded 3.15mi, 21:48:58. 6:56 mpm - knocked :09mpm off pace from 5k in January and that day had a feels like temp of 36!!!

garmin recorded 5k pr of 21:49, mile pr of 6:48

no chip, no gun time, just top 10 m/f awards (was 2:xx off even 10th place! lots of work to do!)

whoa - was in threshold 66%! aerobic 28% and easy 1% (v crowded/slow at start)

vo2m 64 (again, no idea why what shows on watch at end of run is so far off from what pops up when a run is recorded as a race. least 45 is 'superior' for an old lady according to various charts, >37)