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9:00 AM

13.1 mi


8:11 mi


75 F

Race Result

14 / 300 (4.7%)
1 / 35 (2.9%)
5 / 219 (2.3%)


beat LLH by 11 seconds! late starting race, on the beach the entire time (map had made it look like it was half beach-half road) so the footing felt awesome on joints, but obviously took more effort to run on, esp in the places where it wasn't completely packed down (but that was fairly minimal, considering) would've been nice if temps had been in the 40s/50s like my last two races, but you can't win em all, right? it was prob ~70 at the start....we had a tailwind and the sun behind us going out, you can see below that it benefitted me nicely, soon as we hit the halfway point, which I did in 51 and change, we were running into the wind AND the sun, and it had warmed up quite a bit...I started near the front and was getting some 'looks' from other people up there, b'c the majority of them did NOT have on the race shirt and hat, they were 'serious' was the least congested start of any race I'd done, very cool...I was only able to keep the shirt on for about a mile and a half before i had to take it off and wrap it around my waist (while still running, of course!) stopped at nearly all water stations (skipped the candy/cookies though, I have a feeling most of that stuff went uneaten! :( ) I was passed by a couple of people on the first half, but nobody passed me after the halfway point, and I managed to make it past at least 3 (it might've been 4) people going back...I was REALLY feeling tired from mile 9 on, but I sure as hell didn't want to get a slower time than my last race (even though conditions were much less conducive to a good time-in addition to the weather, I had been sleeping like crap ALL week b/c of the tort) anyhow, the girl that won is the same one that kicked ass at the ten miler on TG and she did this one in 1:32:xx-she's like lightning!

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