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7:31 AM

13.1 mi


7:14 mi


160 bpm
172 bpm


34 F

Race Result

29 / 524 (5.5%)
1 / 41 (2.4%)
6 / 308 (1.9%);perpage:5000

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Shark Bite Half Marathon

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34, 62% at start, 46 at end, beautiful clear skies this year! but a headwind instead of tailwind for last 3 miles :(

garmin registered 13.16 miles, 1:34:43.58 (7:12 pace)

cheese omelet and a handful of tots w/ a bottle of lemon-lime nuun last night; about a half thermos of coffee and 2 pcs PB toast for bf

20 mins of yoga before leaving, got in probably 1.5 miles of walking to get packet and put in car

2 ibu/acet/caffeine pills at 650, 1 bag extreme sport beans at 7, 1 bottle of water on way over (finished about 15 mins before start)

Was shooting for 1:35:xx

stopped for gatorade swigs at miles 4 and 12 and water at 8, had a cola gu w/ caffeine at mile 8, took about a half mile to choke it down

knee really didn't hurt at all, was more of just an awareness that it's still not 100%, at least until going down causeway at 6.25 miles - that brought on some pain, but nothing like 2 weeks ago!

blister on middle toe left foot, not sure about using these shoes for a full, tho they definitely felt buoyant for this distance!

had pace alerts set for 7:14-7:24, so heard it beeping a lot, but didn't look at overall time until mile 13, then gunned it when I realized i could get UNDER 1:35! holy fuckballs

(nice improvement from 1:53:01, 8:38 pace in 2019; 1:40:13, 7:39 pace in 2022)

Look like a moron in the pics, really thought I'd quit with the trex arm crossing, but I guess I need to keep working on it