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10:55 AM

26.2 mi


7:48 mi


161 bpm
174 bpm


48 F

Race Result

10365 / 22621 (45.8%)
156 / 1817 (8.6%)
2282 / 11423 (20%)


According to garmin, 26.45 miles, 3:24:07.95, 7:44 pace

probably should have written race report later on monday, but was in a mental fog and stomach was very unhappy... so here it is, friday, and i have to try to remember all the details that made this the absolute best race ever...

slept great saturday night, which was a blessing, because got no sleep sunday night

out of bed at 415, took a shower

ate 2 pcs pb bread at 5; had a half bottle of lemon lime nuun

took hotel shuttle to the commons at 6:30 (turned out to be way too early but had zero idea what to expect), dropped off bag, then hung around park, drank a small bottle of water before getting on bus at 8:15

met and sat with a really nice woman from san fran, we navigated the porta potty lines and walked to the corrals together; it was drizzly and windy and around 50 degrees for all that, so kept on my throwaway pants and a poncho and old shoes as long as possible; had a plain piece of bread at 9:30, then a bag of sport beans w/ caffeine at 10:20

my corral/wave was scheduled for 10:50, it took five minutes to get to the start line, which didn't feel official in any way - i barely saw the timing mat, it was absolute wall-to-wall people, and stayed that way for the first EIGHT MILES, i think that was when i ditched my light zip up hoodie

it was nuts, the first 3 miles were all 8:xx and i was freaking out that i'd never get a chance to actually use my legs, the crowd support was AMAZING, there was no spot along the entire course that didn't have people screaming and/or dancing, waving signs, shooting off confetti, handing out oranges

had a newton at 30, 60, 90, 120 mins, a caffeine chew at 60 and 120 mins, then a regular maurten from the course at 150 and a caffeinated maurten at 180, just a few sips of gatorade thruout - thank god it was cold and rainy and the sun never made an appearance

stopped to pee just after mile 17, there was no way bladder was going to make 9 more miles

none of the hills were anywhere near as bad as i feared/expected - those sadistic hmp hill workouts following every long run for the last few months really did their job! legs felt GREAT THE ENTIRE RACE, i kept waiting for either them or lungs to give out, but they didn't, it was epic, i think i was smiling the whole time, probably can't ever do this race again because how the fuck could it get any better? a 25 minute PR and BQ cushion