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7:02 AM

60 mi


11:25 mi


137 bpm
166 bpm


88 F

Race Result

4 / 56 (7.1%)
1 / 21 (4.8%)

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Tick Tock Ultra 12 Hour

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hardly slept but didn't feel terrible

2 pcs PB toast, ~1/2 cup coffee at 345

2 newtons, 2 headache meds w/ caffeine at 630

started out well w/ fueling every pass by my aid station setup (~2.84 miles) - fig newtons, gummy bears, 1 package of sport beans, but will to eat left me at 30 miles and couldn't choke down much more than a cracker & a few bites of poptart - drank a TON tho, LMNT and water... still lost 8 pounds

ran first lap w/ Sean, then was on my own - ran 34 miles without walking, except to pick up more fuel/water or take a pee break

Changed shoes to navy glycerins at mile 35

then the sun came out, the feels like temp rose to 95, and i started having to take walk breaks, becoming an unwilling passenger on the struggle bus :(

Got a bit of a boost when I realized I could hit 50 miles at 9 hours, so that was my fastest split, but the endorphins didn't last for long afterwards

at least i met up and did a lap w/ Jim, and then later his friend Glenn, and then a girl named Ashley, so talking to all of them helped pass the time

turned off music around 55 miles because it was starting to just annoy me, but maybe i shouldve kept it on

got a side stitch at 56 miles that never went away, area of torn tendon from april was also hurting

got super pissed at myself when i realized i wouldn't make my goal of 100k, tapped out at 11:24

managed to win first female, fourth overall, official distance of 59.64, the next closest woman had 52 miles - the guy that won had 68 miles!

cpm - 3 otters! 2 turtles, countless rabbits, couple of roseate spoonbills, lots of osprey, gallinules, green herons, great blue herons, muscovies (and babies!)

317.9 miles for September! New record

80.1 for the week, think that's a record too