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7:00 AM

37 mi


9:04 mi


153 bpm
168 bpm


81 F

Race Result

3 / 31 (9.7%)
1 / 21 (4.8%)

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Tick Tock Ultra 6 Hour

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Tick Tock 6 Hour Ultra, Lakeland (Lake Hollingsworth, 2.84 mile loop)

sweet baby jesus, it would've been nice to have ac last nite, and coffee this AM, but still no power (didn't come back til 430 this afternoon!) really not easy to get ready for a race by candlelight and on 4 hrs sweaty sleep and no caffeine :(

got lucky that it was only 69 at the start and partially cloudy for the first 2 hours, after that tho, motherfuck, the sun was brutal, gobs of sunscreen and my shoulders still look like magda :( it was 81 by the end :( felt really good for first 4:10:00 - that's when I toggled my watch to see how much time was left and was horrified to see that it was still almost 2 MORE HOURS (thought I'd gone 5 by that point)... did a newton, newton, gu, newton w/ salt stick chews, newton, gu, etc every 21 minutes, walked 4 minutes, should've had shorter 16/4 intervals towards the end, the sun was killing me, 2 pee breaks, 1 break to refill gatorade and water - I stopped at 5:35:00 because there was no way I could manage another 2.84-mile lap in the last 25 minutes, legs were TOAST... I WON OVERALL FEMALE THO AND SET A NEW COURSE RECORD (for women)!!! 13 laps/37 miles...

Cpm - 1 otter, 4 marsh rabbits, 1 roseate spoonbill, lots of GBH, egrets, gallinules (including babies!), female mallards