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5:17 AM

9.4 mi


8:00 mi


148 bpm
168 bpm


69 F
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Kevin & Nicole were here til 845! didn't get to bed til 945 but with 2 PMs, slept all the way thru

69, 88% felt v nice compared to yesterday

Warm up 10 min @ 122-139 bpm

1 hr @ 141-155 bpm

Cool Down 5 min @ 122-139 bpm

fabulous run except for being thisclose to roadkill due to asshole in minivan blasting out of tiberon - was v weird that i had some sort of sixth sense premonition to slow down before going into that crosswalk bc there is generally never anyone coming out of there at that hour - if i hadn't, i would most definitely have been hit - banged super hard on his passenger side rear window w/ my fist/ultraspire light, hoping i cracked it, he deserved much worse

vo2m 60

0 cpm