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5:07 AM

14.4 mi


8:18 mi


146 bpm
168 bpm


78 F
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2 PMs at 8, sad and gloomy going to bed, maybe bc no trips on horizon to break up the monotony of my sucky life, managed to sleep all the thru til 430 but still woke up feeling like 💩, neck and right shoulder are killing me

78, 76%, gorgeous, high up nearly full moon

15 min wu

3x7 at 7-8 rpe with 3.5 min recovs

Remaining 1:13:30 at endurance zone

Run was a struggle, got a side stitch at 1:07:00 that lasted ~10min, then another hit with 15 mins to go, both just right of center just below last rib, not fun

it was 63 this day last year!! Wtf happened?

Vo2m 60

0 cpm