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10:50 AM

26.5 mi


7:46 mi


165 bpm
180 bpm


67 F

Race Result

8213 / 26491 (31%)
127 / 1812 (7%)
1837 / 11427 (16.1%)
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Boston Marathon

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Official time/pace was 3:25:08/7:50

Wish I had slept better the last couple of nights, was up 3x both... had 1 pc pb bread at 5, 1 bottle skratch at 515, 2 mini donuts at 630, a bottle of lmnt and a pb sandwich on the bus ride, a caffeine chew at 1020 on the way to the corral... was pretty cool to be in corral 1...had a half a cinnamon coffee cake at 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 minutes, thought I was taking decent sips of lmnt from handheld every mile but when got back to hotel realized it was only a couple ozs... started taking plain water on the course when it started to get SO hot ~ 14 miles, tasted SO good...had a caffeine chew at 1:15 and 1:45, a caffeinated maurten gel at 3 hours... pee break at mile 9... calf (and rest of leg) felt fine entire run! Due to lack of consistent training (maybe just 2 hill runs? 😔), the hills definitely felt tougher this year, and was WAY more sore than usual after this distance... BUT considering how inconsistent this training cycle was, and how hot it got (61 at start, 69 at end, mostly sunny thruout, with lots of ppl puking by the side of the road and being wheeled off the course by medics),... pandora conked out for seemingly no reson at mile 23 😠... feel like it went OK, just a minute and five seconds slower than last year... an awesome race, soooo many happy people lining the course... wish I had a phone number for the orthopedic PA who told me after the calf thing, "look, you're a nice lady, but you're not going to be running a marathon in seven weeks," so I could tell HIM how wrong he was