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8:00 AM

10 km


7:22 mi


163 bpm
175 bpm


57 F

Race Result

6 / 65 (9.2%)
1 / 39 (2.6%);perpage:100

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DDOC Rotary 10k @ Gemini Springs

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up for a short time @ 1, was out like a light when alarm went off

1 pc PB toast, 22 oz coffee for bf

did 50 mins of yoga before leaving

swigged a half bottle of lemon lime nuun at 710 (8 oz)

extreme sport beans, 100cals, 50mg caffeine at 725

2 headache/caffeine meds at 735 (130mg caffeine for the 2)

super lucky with weather! 57, clear, and low humidity!

had tried knee high compression socks on yesterday's 13 and liked them, so wore those, could possibly be what kept me from getting the mystery shin splints i only ever get at the start of a race

caught up to the first woman at about 1/4 mile and stayed in front, was only behind 5 dudes - the guy that won was FLYING

lots of the course was on a nice downgrade and I realize now I should've used it to go faster but at the time I didn't want to use up all my energy in case i was dragging ass on the upgrade on the way back, but as it turns out, it was a ton of fun and very motivating to sprint past the 5k'ers

garmin said 45:48.56, 7:26, 6.17 miles

had only done one 10k before, 49:06 @ 7:55 in 2012

POSSIBLY screwed the pooch by doing 13 @ 7:46 yesterday, maybe today would've been quicker had I gone slower or shorter, but considering how shitty wednesday's run felt, I needed yesterday to go well or would've been in a very bad headspace not just for this race but fp too - just hope tomorrow's last 20 feels good

2 marsh rabbits, 1 swallowtail kite, 1 pileated woodpecker, some blue flag iris and lots of passionflower vine