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7:00 AM

100.3 mi


13:40 mi


125 bpm
155 bpm


70 F

Race Result

2 / 41 (4.9%)
1 / 16 (6.3%)

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Ancient Oaks 100

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Garmin conked out just after 20 hours :(

41 people started, only 10 finished! that might be the worst completion rate in race history!

these are times for each 3.46-mile lap:

# Race Time Lap

1 41:05 41:05

2 1:18:47 37:41

3 1:58:10 39:22

4 2:36:42 38:32

5 3:17:40 40:57

6 3:56:51 39:11

7 4:37:11 40:19

8 5:16:08 38:57

9 5:55:35 39:26

10 6:35:21 39:46

11 7:15:15 39:54

12 7:54:17 39:02

13 8:32:59 38:41

14 9:14:39 41:39

15 9:57:04 42:25

16 10:45:23 48:18

17 11:30:48 45:25

18 12:16:52 46:04

19 13:02:39 45:46

20 14:02:03 59:23

21 14:57:52 55:49

22 15:55:47 57:55

23 16:51:26 55:39

24 17:43:53 52:27

25 18:45:09 1:01:15

26 19:44:33 59:23

27 20:44:56 1:00:23

28 21:47:12 1:02:15

29 22:49:44 1:02:32

slept like ass saturday night (nothing new there); up w/out alarm at 350

2 pcs pb toast, ~10 0z coffee

drank ~12 oz maurten 320 w/ caffeine on way over

started at 7 and was good about eating something every 30 mins (fig newton, half a poptart, half an energy square, 5 mini oatmeal cookies, drake's cinnamon coffee cake, etc) at least until ~2pm when it started to rain/pour and put on rain jacket so could no longer see watch - at that point, just grabbed something out of the car or at the aid station when i passed by (tomato soup, veggie broth, 1/2 a grilled cheese - omg - all of these tasted like heaven)

stayed on top of hydration too - switching between skratch and mostly LMNT, but also swigging sweet tea at the car

it rained for TWELVE HOURS according to one of the women i chatted with, and it must've dumped 3-4 inches in that time

the course had nearly 2 miles of super rooty footing that already required walking (unless you were part goat, like the first place winner), so adding all that water to it made it a bazillion times more treacherous! pretty sure that's why my knees and achilles all feel like they aged 40 yrs in a day :(

met goal to be at at least 50 miles by sunset (hit 52)

for the most part, felt good up til mile 87, at that point tho, both my achilles were seizing up and i just could not run more than a few steps at a time, so i mostly power walked the last 13

also had a mental struggle at a point where I thought I only had 3 laps to go, but it was really 4 :( for some reason, that really bummed me out

for the first dozen laps, only stopped to pee every even lap, after that, think i stopped every lap, whether i actually had to or not, just to get out of the rain for a few minutes

also stopped and sat for 10 minutes @mile 66 to call dave because the rain was torrential and i happened to be right by the car

also stopped and sat for 10 minutes i think on mile 73 to change my socks - not that they were dry for long, but i needed to take the first pair off because the little knot of thread by my pinkie toe was killing me

was on my feet the entire rest of the nearly 23 hours

didn't use my music at all! figured i'd run the first couple of laps without it so i could pay close attention to my surroundings, but realized it also was helping me stick to a slow pace because i wasn't pumped up by Beast Mode or Panic Station or Oblivion :) and i sure as fuck wasn't going to have it on at night when i was paranoid about being in the swamp with feral hogs (which luckily i didn't see but all the holes they'd left rooting around was proof they were there)

lent my headlamp to another runner who would've been stuck on the course in the dark when the sun went down, with the understanding he'd leave it on/in my car when he was done that loop and could pick up his own - the fucker didn't return mine til he'd done another 4 laps and drained the battery!!!! WTF?????????? i had to pray my waist light would last the entire night, as when i tried changing to the spare battery i had for it, it wouldn't turn on! (when i got home, i realized it was just bc i hadn't screwed the cap on tight enuf) that's the last time i'll be nice at my own expense (had i been stuck out in the swamp with no light, there are no words for how terrified and pissed off i would have been)

won a logo-d yeti cup!