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7:02 AM

13.1 mi


7:35 mi


169 bpm
191 bpm


64 F

Race Result

33 / 268 (12.3%)
2 / 14 (14.3%)

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Lake Minneola Half Marathon

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Didn't fall asleep til after 1030, up at 2

64, 64% humidity!!! Perfect weather

1 PC pb toast, few sips coffee, 17 oz fluid raspberry lemonade on the waY over (100 cals, 25g carbs, 240mg sodium), 2 headache/ caffeine pills & a ucan (70 cals, 19g carbs, 55mg sodium) at 620

Carried maurten 320 but didn't drink enough of it, only ~1/3 (so about 105 cals, 26g carbs, and 165 mg sodium of available 320 cals, 79g carbs, 500mg sodium - dumb, I REALLY need to get smarter about this, esp as didn't stop at any aid stations for water this time)

3.5 miles cola gu (100 cals, 22g carbs, 40mg caffeine)

7 miles vanilla orange roctane gu (100 cals, 21g carbs, 35 mg caffeine, 125 mg sodium)

10 miles could only choke down 2 jelly beans (and took 3 miles to do so :( just felt sick to stomach, would've spit out except too many other ppl around)

Felt pretty good thruout, first time racing with music, loved it!

(Tho perhaps shouldn't've wasted so much energy on that 🍩 first thing this AM 🤣)

Omg aubrey yost cheated AGAIN!!! (It's 4/13 and Sommer Sports has not responded to my 3 emails, I guess they're OK with leaving a cheater in the standings, I won't be running any of their races again!)