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7:00 AM

45.4 mi


9:53 mi


144 bpm
168 bpm


69 F

Race Result

4 / 37 (10.8%)
2 / 10 (20%)

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Colt 45 Trail Run - Colt Creek State Park

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This race was AMAZING! Got super lucky with the weather - it was only 48 at the start!!! the first loop, ~17 miles, had some sun, but it was still cool and NOT HUMID FOR ONCE, PRAISE JESUS!, the second loop (14+ miles) had a bit of sun, but was clouding up so it was ok that it got a smooch warmer, and then there was some great cloud cover AND a breeze for a good part of the third loop (14+ miles), I think it topped off just under 70 degrees; ran some of the first loop with a couple of guys, then one of them dropped behind and the other took off (he ended up winning!), did ~10 miles of the second loop with a guy from CASSELBERRY (what are the odds?) - those miles were a bit slower than i'm used to going, and that's when the first place girl passed me, but it was nice to not be all alone, esp since cell service was not great and music was more off than on :( - going slow that second loop probably was the main reason why i did not feel like complete death on the third loop! except for the fact that the entire ball of my right foot is a giant blister due to all the unavoidable mud puddles, even tho i changed socks and shoes to glycerin ii after 2nd...everything felt great the entire race (not so great after sitting in the car for the 90 minute drive home, can barely walk right now, but hopefully tomorrow that blister will have gone down and moving won't make me feel like i'm 80 years old...) 2nd place female, 4th overall...volunteers and aid stations were awesome, need to do more races with M&Ms and sprite and people spraying me with sunscreen!!

here was planned 22/4 run/walk-fuel schedule:

1. 22:00 Newton 50 cal

2. 48:00 Mocha 100 cal, 25 carb, 50 mg caff

3. 1:04:00 Newton 50 cal

4. 1:40:00 Straw/Lemon 100 cal, 21 carb, 25 mg caff + elytes

5. 2:06:00 Newton 50 cal

6. 2:32:00 Maurten 100 cal, 25 carb, 100 mg caff

7. 2:58:00 Newton + 2 SS 50 cal + elytes

8. 3:24:00 Mocha 100 cal, 25 carb, 50 mg caff

9. 3:50:00 Newton 50 cal

10. 4:16:00 Straw/Lemon 100 cal, 21 carb, 25 mg caff + elytes

11. 4:42:00 Newton 50 cal

12. 5:08:00 Maurten 100 cal, 25 carb, 100 mg caff

13. 5:34:00 Newton + 2 SS 50 cal + elytes

14. 6:00:00 Mocha 100 cal, 25 carb, 50 mg caff

15. 6:26:00 Newton 50 cal

16. 6:52:00 Straw/Lemon 100 cal, 21 carb, 25 mg caff + elytes

17. 7:18:00 Newton 50 cal

stuck to it as far as eating/drinking during the 4 minutes, but because I was going fairly slow throughout and the weather was so perfect, I didn't do any walk intervals until the third loop, except thru the aid stations and for pit stops after the 1st and 2nd loops - also, never ate the last strawberry/lemon huma, because at one of those later walk intervals, I did forget to eat, so the last thing I had was a newton, probably right around that 7:18 mark...