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6:05 AM

13.1 mi


10:09 mi


45 F

Race Result

5838 / 21953 (26.6%)
350 / 1943 (18%)
2101 / 12403 (16.9%)


5K Split 31:48

10K Split 1:04:06

15K Split 1:35:12

RACE WAS AWESOME! Ran the whole thing! Passed lots of people (got passed by lots of people)! Think I did well considering I only had two months of running experience! (the eighth marked exactly 2 months, and I'd never actually done more than 12 miles til today!!) Felt totally awesome up to mile 8, felt like the bottom of my feet started to take a beating after that, but still averaged just about a 10 minute mile for the whole thing...definitely could've been faster if not for having to do a lot of maneuvering around the pokies...definitely looking forward to the next event!