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7:00 AM

13.1 mi


7:30 mi


164 bpm
175 bpm


73 F

Race Result

11 / 125 (8.8%)

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Orange Blossom Half Marathon

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going by garmin, course was short :( 12.94, 1:38:15.84, 7:36 pace

but timing co had chip time at 1:38:10.11, gun time 1:38:12.81 - I GUESS it's ok to go with that??

anyhow, chugged the maurten 160 on the way there, between 5 & 6am (not very appetizing) and took 2 headache/caffeine pills at 630

carried fluid raspberry lemonade (16 oz) but only managed to drink about a 1/3 + 5/7 stingerita lime chews (~1 every even mile; package had 155cals, 37g carbs, 75mg caffeine); did have a swig of water at every stop offered - gotta find something to eat/drink that feels like it's doing something besides making me nauseous (of course, maybe I'd've felt a bazillion times worse had I gone w/ nothing...)

It was 70 at start, 75 at finish, v weird that sun seemed to be in my face no matter which way we were going

Most of miles 4 & 7 were clay

Hills were tough! 308 feet of ascent, 311 feet of descent - ~3x more than home routes, good prep for fp

1 guy passed me at ~7.5, I passed donut shorts guy at ~3.75 and 1 girl at ~10.5

Volunteers at aid stations were all super sweet

Way fewer groves, way more housing developments & industrial facilities than 2019 :(

MBR course-cutting girl was here too!

in 2019, time was 1:52:18 @8:34, old garmin had the course at 12.92 miles