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7:30 AM

32.1 mi


8:46 mi


155 bpm
172 bpm


82 F

Race Result

3 / 79 (3.8%)
2 / 35 (5.7%)

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Gate2Gate Trail Run - 50k

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took 1 PM and went to bed at 730, managed to sleep ok, got up at 245, 2 pcs PB toast, ~10 oz coffee

left at 345, 130 miles, 2.5 hrs; drank most of a 1/2L of LMNT and had 2 mini powdered donuts on the way

1 85mg caffeine chew at 7

66 degrees and super foggy at start

The start was a congested conga line for the first five miles of singletrack, got better when it opened up to doubletrack along a powerline, later went back to singletrack, in some places there was so much leaf litter, the trail was hardly visible, lots of mental energy trying to stay on it, but they definitely did a good job marking with ribbons

The trail was AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL - 2x 16+ mile loop - lots of climbs and dips, there was 985 ft of elevation gain! (vs 639 for boston) - made even more fun with a bazillion roots, and even a stream crossing - it was also 80% shaded which was awesome since it warmed up quickly

Kept up with fueling for once - newton at 30 mins and 3 hrs, 1/2 poptart at 60 & 90 mins, 2.5 and 4 hhrs, sport beans w/ caffeine at 2 and 3.5 hrs, carried skratch (80 cals) and stopped to fill 3/4 empty bottle at the 22 mile aid station - didn't add any more skratch to bottle but it was so nice to have ICE COLD liquid for a while

I didn't have any HR parameters set and went totally by feel - on the climbs, i'd see HR get up in high 160s and would just slow down a bit when it leveled out; if I started to get tired, I just slowed my run and didn't give in to any urge to walk ... the only stops were to pee after the first loop (16+ miles) and to fill my bottle); last mile was one of the fastest, it was so cool to feel strong enough to sprint the last bit to the finish and be told i was 2F, I knew i'd passed several of the chicks who had gone out fast at the front but didn't know i'd passed that many :) holy fuckballs!!! the guy that won finished in 3:35 and the girl in front of my in 4:27

Wiped out once at 17ish miles (no idea why, the ground seemed perfectly groomed at that spot) and then at 27 (that one was due to bombing downhill and getting caught on a root, resulted in losing skin off my palm at the usual spot) - but at least there were no witnesses to either!

at 26.2, was 3:46:50, 8:35 pace - BQ baby lolololol!!!

82 degrees, clear sky, and sunny at end

Only lost 5lbs for this one!

Hokas felt great for the most part, but i think i need to tighten them up overall bc my feet were really sliding side to side in them and both have huge blisters at the bottom and i'm going to lose the right ring toe nail again

Cpm - 1 big, beautiful doe (only saw her because she twitched her ears, she blended in perfectly with the trees)