has anyone ever ditched their orthotics? (Read 311 times)

    Unfortunately, many podiatrists prescribe orthotics to anybody who comes in the door.  But orthotics are like a cast: when the break heals you take the cast off or the limb atrophies.  You'll wind up plodding along on your heels until you chew up your knees and hips.  I actually had one guy tell me that orthotics were like putting a wedge under the leg of a wobbly table.  Sure, that's a half a$$ed solution for an inanimate, stiff piece of dead wood -- why wouldn't it be just great for a dynamic, living, runners leg?  Some people have serious structural problems and require corrective footware. But 99% of us don't!  Sure, if you're out of shape and you charge out and start pounding the pavement you may run into problems.  Start gradually.  Work on form (Get off your heels!).  The key is to stretch and STRENGTHEN your feet (and the rest of your body).  Orthotics don't do that.


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      Well so far I've been running in stability shoes sans orthotics for a week. So far so good. My husband said I should go to a different doctor. How would that go?


      Hey doc see I'm here because I'm not having any problems with my feet.

      ok that'll be $75 please

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        I've had orthotics off and on for most of my running life (19 years).  Recently, coming off an achilles injury, I'd been working on strengthening my feet, and really trying to pay attention to good form.  But it seemed the outsides (lateral side) of both feet were taking the brunt of the landing force.  I took the orthotics out, the problem went away.  So it looks like I'll be without orthotics for a while... once again.

        This time I don't want to get talked back into them.




          Ditched them after about 9 months.  They were ruining my stride and my knees.  Ditched my cushy cushy super supporty running shoes at the same time.  Went to $10.00 water/harbour/boat shoes, and my knees and feet have never been better....calves took some serious adjusting though, but they're strong and durable...they can handle anything.


          My doc who gave me the orthotics didn't think I could run in the feet that I have...flat footed, bunnions, hammer toes...every footal deformity that you can imagine.  I only run barefoot in nice grassy areas or the beach though...maybe someday...right now, I'm thrilled with where I am.

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            I've had mine two months and am thinking of ditching them.  Everything just hurts worse than it did before and in new bonus places to boot.  $400 scam I think




              I switched from custom orthotics after the symptoms of  PF was gone to "superfeet" for high arches..and religiously buy new shoes every 500 miles...and always have two pairs of running shoes going at the same time that i switch between each run. have been PF free for 6+ years now.

                I started wearing orthotics in high school (2003) because of structural problems. I decided to get re-fitted when I started running last summer since I figured my feet might have changed over the years. I then started getting some minor injuries, but I can't say whether it was because I started running or if new orthotics weren't quite right.


                My podiatrist has recently been suggesting a more generic orthotic, which I am considering along with getting re-fitted.

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                  I've been running for a good part of the last 35 years. I developed PF during college in my left foot. I was told at the time by my coach that this is something I'd always have to deal with. And I did for a long time. I finally went in to be fitted for custom orthotics and ran pain free for about 8 years until last year when my other foot developed PF. Pain level was so much I could not run at all. I realized that when I wore my orthotics, my foot felt worse and without them it felt better but not great. I tried everything and finally was told by my doctor (who also runs) to get re-fitted. I went to a different podiatrist (who runs too) and was fitted for a new pair. He said these were state of the art and lightweight. They are made from a material they call superglass. http://www.nwpodiatric.com/. I immediately felt relief after wearing them and wear them in all my shoes. Pain is zero and I've been running stronger than ever for the last 4 months. For whatever reason, due to foot changes or orthotic breakdown the old ones stopped working, but the new ones work.


                  side note: I have the 3/4 length ones and wear them under my existing shoe inserts. I don't even know they are there.



                      I ran in them for about 5 years and finally ditched them after switching to a more minimalist shoe and doing strengthening exercises.  I'm not even sure where they are but my feet feel great.


                        I ran in them for about 5 years and finally ditched them after switching to a more minimalist shoe and doing strengthening exercises.  I'm not even sure where they are but my feet feel great.


                        My experience is nearly identical to this. At some point I found the orthotics more a hindrance than help. Then I moved into more minimal shoes and haven't missed the orthotics one bit. I keep a pair of conventional heel (12mm) shoes in rotation for easy days but other than that I go with 4mm shoes, and I haven't had a recurrence of any of the issues that led me to orthotics a few years ago.

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                          I would never consider ditching more orthotics. I have very flat feet. I have also seen that my heals do not line up with my legs, so every step puts strain on me knees and hips. These are structural issues and I need the correction.


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