Tiger Woods' running affected his health (Read 241 times)



    30 miles per week isn't really that many for his age.  But I suppose each person 's body is different.


    What does everyone here think?


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      He kind of lost me when he complained it destroyed his knees. I didn't read past that.

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        He probably didn't have time to properly recover from his workouts since he spent so much time with his various mistresses.

          Without reading the article I'd say that being a professional golfer is probably not super compatible with running.


          I've never run or played golf at an elite level but I know that when I was running decent mileage a round of golf would mess me up for a few days.

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            Bull pucky. Article states he ran in morning and afternoon and also played tennis or basketball same day. I am sure he wasn’t out running easy runs either. His excess pounding and lack of recovery and knowledge ruined his knees. Don’t blame “running”!!

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              Running 30mpw destroyed his body and knees? Wow, that is funny.


              He hit the gym to bulk up/build strength like a lot of modern golfers do and maybe he overdid that rather than running too much.

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                ...start his day with a 4-mile run. Next, he’d lift at the gym, golf for 2-3 hours and work on his short game. Woods would end his day with another 4-miler and possibly some basketball or tennis. The running “destroyed” him. 


                Well it’s Golf Magazine, so I guess you can expect them not to point out the obvious lack of logic in doing a bunch of different things and just randomly deciding which one of them is the sole cause of your problems. Instead, their comment on this statement is “Indeed.” Because of course everyone knows running wrecks your knees. Excellent reportage.



                  Cat's running twice a day. Unless I'm taking that previous quote out of context, multiple days a week. 
                  On low mileage.
                  While doing a bunch of other stuff.
                  With no recovery.

                  Honestly yall, I'd tell him not to do that. So if they want to call out the running as the bad thing, sure. He's a golfer... if other stuff messes that up, then it is the other stuff. And if he's doing the running in a way that we'd commonly call suboptimal, I'd tag the running too.

                  Not rocket science.

                    I'm skeptical about this claim as I have a few running partners that are good to excellent golfers playing close to100 games per season, with very low handicaps (2-7). They run 30  mpw consistently, including Wednesday evening runs with the top running group at our club (this was pre-Covid mind you) and they haven't missed a beat. They are also in my age group (senior citizens 55+) so maybe Tiger over did it? I agree with Dave, sounds like there had to be a place to lay blame...

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                      It strikes me as unusual, that his coaches would not have advised him better. I am not a pro, not a coach either, but doing 5 years of the same mistake is surely disastrous, plus the listed injuries, I find the article must have had a different goal in mind ...surely running gives so many benefits, but injury prevention, especially at his elite level, should be done properly, at any level really...thanks for sharing the article though.

                        Why was he running twice a day?

                        his plan didn’t seem to make sense

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                          Hmm, 30+ years ago I golfed and ran. Had constant knee issues. Fast forward to today. I run every day, don’t golf. No knee problems at all. Maybe running isn’t Tiger’s problem.

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                            running is def not tigger's problem. age is his problem.

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                              30mpw of running probably destroyed his career less than other things...


                              The night Tiger Woods was exposed as a serial cheater (nypost.com)




                              Are we there, yet?

                                running is def not tigger's problem. age is his problem.


                                Why drag Tigger

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