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    Ran outside for the first few times last week.  I am here to tell ya, that it wasn't as easy as the treadmill. It has been so windy here and I felt like I was fighting the wind the whole time, but I am trying to keep at it. My little ones are sick this week, so I am stuck inside until the flu decides to go away.  My husband has been wanting me to walk with him outside, so I have been doing that, he walks really fast and it is so nice to keep up with him and hear him breathing and more out of breath than me, go me!!


    I am 39, mother of 5 and on about week 11 of running. I am actually still on week 7 of my Ease to 5k because I am super out of shape. I keep telling myself that I didn't get out of shape and overweight in 3 months, so I can't expect to be running fast for at long time. I also never played sports and have never pushed myself to do anything physically, so all of this is new, I am sure my body is in total shock. Before I had kids, I was always thin and didn't have to work at it.


    I guess I want to know if I am doing this right. I am trying to run, well jog at a pace that is comfortable before I move up in speed.  I do run and do intervals a couple of days a week. I know that I have read posts that say if you jog slow at a distance and don't work on speed, you could stay fat and some fat people run a lot.  I have only lost 11 pounds since I have been running and I am strictly on a 1200-1700 calorie /day diet with MFP. I need to lose about 30 more pounds.  And I do have asthma, controlled.  I am trying to tackle this running thing for my sanity/stress/and health reasons  because I am a nursing student and want to walk the walk.  I don't want to be the couch potato nurse telling everyone to lose weight.  So should I be trying to get faster, or should I be focusing on distance at a slow pace or both?

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        Forget about the concept of Fast or Slow running ------ focus on the concept of running at a comfortable pace and build your minutes/miles up slowly...........Just run easy and keep building.....We'll talk about intervals in a couple of years......


        You're doing fine, but keep running nice and consistently (TM or out doors) and don't over think it or try to advance too quickly.


        Running is not a destination - its a journey and you have only just begun - don't forget to enjoy the journey.

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          Phid and Sdiz said.


          In the beginning it can be very disheartening to progress so slowly; this make it important to keep a log (like here on RA).  So in a few months of slogging through it you can look back and say "wow!  look at all the progress I made!"  And this will fuel your further pursuit.


          If anything, running constantly forces you to realize: there is no short-cut; you just need to put in your time on the road.


          You'll get there.

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            Work on being ruthlessly consistent in getting the runs in and on distance.  You will find that the speed will improve as you run more even though you are not working on that.


            do not confuse speed with running fast.  Sprint ability is speed.  Being able to maintain a quicker pace over distance in running fast.  You get the ability to run faster primarily through aerobic improvements and losing weight, not intervals.


            just keep at it.  There will be a point where suddenly the improvents start to come more quickly.

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              speed does not matter

              Try run as often as possible even if you have to run shorter.

              I am slow and run only for health.

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                Thanks all, guess talking about it keeps me motivated. I will just keep going as much as possible between family and school!  Great advice from all of you!

                  Thanks all, guess talking about it keeps me motivated. I will just keep going as much as possible between family and school!  Great advice from all of you!


                  i guess that's why many of us are here! You're doing great. As the others said, just keep running, keep your log up to date, and keep posting if it motivates you...

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                    I'm not speedy, but I'm still faster than all those people on the couch.

                    Keep it up! It's easy to overthink it and we all do sometimes. Mostly easy but sometimes kick it up and go a bit faster.

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                      I can't add to the advice already given. My 2 cents is just to emphasize that running faster at this point in your journey greatly increases your risk of injury.  Just keep at the slow and steady and speed will take care of itself as you gain fitness.


                      I also want to give you a big congratulations for not only recognizing that you need to make a change but setting a goal (5K race?) and working toward achieving it.  Keep at it!

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                        Thanks I'mnotScott,


                        I just decided to work toward that 5K  yesterday. I called a friend and she said she would do it with me.  I hope I can just run it and not have to walk any by that time!


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                          I cannot really add anything new that hasn't already been said.


                          - Keep at it, focus on running comfortably. Speed and distance will build as time goes on

                          - Running outside will always be tougher than a treadmill (physically anyway). Running long distances on a treadmill can be mentally tough.



                          Only 11 pounds?! Any kind of healthy weightloss is fantastic. I hope you do reach your goal of losing 30 more pounds in a healthy manner. Your caloric intake seems to be a bit on the low end. 1,200 kcals a day isn't much. If you take in too few calories your body will start to work backwards to conserve fat and eat away at muscle tissue. 1,700 kcal sounds like the lowest you should be hitting especially with the training your are logging in.


                          While I do have a minor in nutritional sciences and a former PT, I am not a licensed nutritionist. A visit with one or better yet a sports nutritionist would a good investment. Just my 2 cents. But great job on your progess thus far!


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                            definitely keep up hope.  running is different for everyone.  as long as you enjoy it, just run and try to improve on yourself every time.  don't worry about comparing to others or programs you find.  the point of running is for personal improvement and as long as you're meeting that, you're doing great.

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                              Meg, How have things been going the last few days? Get any runs in?  Let us know how you are doing.


                              If you are interested, there are lots of "groups" on this forum. You might enjoy participating in some of those. It's a great way to get feedback from other folks on questions you have and to get ideas/encouragement/motivation from other runners.  The Beginners and Beyond group is a nice bunch with people with widely mixed levels of experience.



                              "It doesn’t matter how often you do it or how much you accomplish, in general, not running is a lot easier than running." - Meb Keflezighi




                                My last run was Wednesday and it was super hard, I wondered why, then I started getting sick that night and tested positive for the flu yesterday. I am on Tamiflu and am feeling a little better today. I am actually thinking of hitting the treadmill here in a few and seeing if I can do anything. I had a fever last night, but it is normal today. Even just a walk is better than nothing. I can't stand this.


                                I will check out the group, thanks a bunch! Smile


                                And thanks LeighDS, I am trying to make peace with food and just figuring all of this out. I am an emotional eater, and of course the running is helping with the stress eating. I wondered if eating too few calories would do that, I had heard that before, but wasn't sure.