Pain in area where shin meets ankle (Read 50 times)


    started about a mile into a run yesterday...felt like someone was ripping the hair from the area...checked sock and top of shoe tongue and nothing, re-tied shoe, kept going...continued to hurt and is sore today to the touch or if I wear shoes...walking in flip flops is fine(tender) and barefoot..feels sore in that tendon area when I press.


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      Google anterior tibial tendonitis

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        And...if you hear or feel a squeaking in the tendons at the front of your lower leg when you dorsaflex your foot, you can bet your bottom dollar that darkwave's diagnosis is spot on.

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          It could be just a little tweak. If skin is sore to touch it may be a nerve irritation. Don't run a few day or until no discomfort with walking. Then heat up area good and go out for a 1 mile easy test run. If that is cool, you can get back to your normal plan in 2-3 days. Don't ignore.

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          One day at a time

            Ugh, I hope darkwave is not right.  I had that, and it took over a year for it to stop hurting entirely.  Really torpedoed me.  Sad  PT was not helpful AT ALL and I'm still paying the bill for it.


            not bad for mile 25

              Well, I had what must have been a very mild case of it. It cleared up in a couple of weeks.


              One day at a time

                Well, I had what must have been a very mild case of it. It cleared up in a couple of weeks.


                Oh, that's good!


                  Nice it is indeed a good information to share!


                    thanks for all the input.


                    it seems indeed what darkwave mentioned...much better now, just more sore than pain with socks and shoes.