Motorbike crashes are bad for your training (Read 986 times)

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    After almost 200,000 miles and 30 years of motorcycling I had my first painful crash today when I hit deep gravel coming downhill around a sharp curve. Nothing serious, I wear all the gear and it did it's job. The first thing I thought about when I got up was that I wouldn't get to do my run today. While getting myself back together another person went down in the same stuff, and a second was forced wide into the oncoming lane. Scary! 


    Now that I'm home to evaluate, I've got a badly swollen and painful calf where the bike must have landed on my leg, and a very sore shoulder. Right now it's painful to walk. Long run tomorrow? Don't think so. Not sure how long it'll be to wait this out. Sad


    This sucks all that much more because I was putting together some solid training for Boston and felt that I was on my way to crushing my marathon PR. Not so sure of that now. Oh well, there's always another marathon. *sigh* 

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      Good to hear you're just sore, Arla!


      Unless it stretches for weeks, the fall back as you get everything healed up could actually help springboard your traning for next month. You'll loose some calendar time, but be able to come back with more intensity.

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        As we say here in the Netherlands "Goede Betering" (more or less "get well soon").

        A bit of ice and rest will surely do the job... and I bet you will be even better prepared to pulverize this PR in your next marathon!


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            I hope that you heal quickly arlahile and very glad that it wasn't worse!



          Just run.

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            Well it sounds like it could be something that heals up fairly quickly; be thankful it wasn't worse!


            I rode a motorcycle on gravel back in high school.  I was dumb enough to lay one down while not wearing a helmet once, I pretty much quit riding on dirt after that!


            A few days won't set back your Boston training appreciably....rest up, regroup, and good luck.

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            Oh roo roooo!

              Thank heavens you DO wear all the gear, very smart!  Just a suggestion:  Someone recommended me to try homeopathic Arnica for sore muscles and bruises several years ago.  IMHO, it does help.  If you're inclined that way, it might ease your aches a bit....


              Get well soon!

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                So glad your experience kicked in, your gear worked, and you walked away...albeit with a limp.  Hope you are soon back to running, and that you didn't muck up your bike too much. 

                  Sooo glad it wasn't more serious Arla. You still have time to get that PR. Rest up your parts.






                    I'll echo that rest well and come back strong wishes!  Smile     Also, maybe a check-up with x-rays or MRI wouldn't hurt either.  Its a bummer to find out something should have been addressed right away, that you thought would heal on its own.


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                      Blush Thanks for the nice thoughts, I was feeling a tad sorry for myself last night. Moving around a lot better today although there are some fabulous technicolor bruises emerging and in strange places. Good stuff. Spent a moment looking at the scraped-up the chinbar of my helmet and marveling at people who get out there with half or "beanie" helmets. 

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                        I'm gonna play devil's advocate here and say that motorbike crashes are not always bad for training. Next time you feel like shite at mile 24 (or so), perhaps you'll think "wait, i should be dead. this isn't so bad--compared to dead". I think that's what got me to my PR.


                        On a more serious note, how's the BMW?


                        On the only sincere note in this note, so happy you're ok. Feckin scary. Yea chinbar!

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                          A motorcycle crash is one of the scariest things I can think of. So glad you're (more or less) okay. Speedy recovery!

                          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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                             On a more serious note, how's the BMW?



                             It was the Triumph that I crashed, the beemers were safe 'n' sound. It's just nicely scuffed up and the muffler is toast. Doesn't look like much but you know how those small dings can add up. Also gonna need a new helmet and spring jacket - the gravel sliced right through the leather. Hey that's what insurance is for.


                            Hope to try running  shuffling a little tomorrow.

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                              Also gonna need a new helmet 


                              Well I'm glad it was there to do its job!  How are you healing?

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                                Right calf still looks more like Trent's than my own, but I'm ready for a tentative shuffle today. Have some real purty colors emerging here and there. 

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