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    The only things I buy by brand are my shoes and running bras.  For me, money matters on those items.  I'm very picky about both.


    Otherwise, I like particular features and shop by feature at Costco, Sams, Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Gabes/Rugged Wearhouse.  (I specifically want below-the-knee but not calf-length capris w/ a drawstring and large thigh pockets, preferably w/ a zipper pocket somewhere for my keys.  Hard to find, but they do exist, even at lower prices.  Often very ugly.  Don't care.)


    MTA I also got some FABULOUS name-brand stuff for amazing deals at Black Friday online.  Both Sugoi and Pearl Izumi had online sales of 50% off all their existing clearance merch.  Sizes were extremely limited, but I got a wind panel running jacket, capris, running tee, men's running tights for hubs, and a wind panel fleece pullover for hubs, all for $100 total w/ free shipping.  They are all significantly nicer in the details and material than our normal discount gear, but the price was right!

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      The brand is much less important than the function. But it's easier to find something with a well known brand name online when it comes time to replace it. For example, I like the Brooks Sherpa 5" shorts. I can order them online and have them delivered to my door. Same with my Injinji socks. It's actually hard NOT to get some brand name. My favorite running shirts are from Hind, which I get at Marshall's or Ross for under $10. I haven't looked, but I'm sure I could get them online, too. Places like Target and Walmart have serviceable shirts, shorts and socks, but they aren't consistent regarding style, so don't fall in love with anything you get there. There is a Men's short at Target that hits all the marks for me, but I haven't needed any shorts for a while. Also, it should be noted that running clothing lasts for YEARS, so spending a bit more on something you like is OK. Fashion horses that  want to display the latest colorways, cuts and materials will have a problem with spending too much, though, because that changes every season. They will also create unneeded waste for the landfill because of fashion.


      Shoes are another matter; manufacturers are always changing ("upgrading") their models, and you cannot count on them being the same shoe that you liked before (listening, Hoka?). But again, brand names can be helpful, for example I know to ignore anything from Nike makes because they will not fit my feet and will be too "responsive" (bone-jarring rock hard midsoles).

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        Never gave it much thought.  I don't even know the brand of shorts and shirt I currently have in my bag today...


        The struggle is real.


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          The advantage of generic clothes is they don't turn you into moving billboards advertising the manufacturer.

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            ^^^ Giant logos are not the common anymore (well, maybe Nike).

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              I never could understand the cyclist thing of wearing a replica team racing jersey just to go and work out. Oh, and they paid triple digit$ to BUY that advertising billboard, too!


              I think anything with a company logo on it should be free or at least subsidized in price, not cost MORE.

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                Don't really have a brand but usually shop at the UA outlet stores. The stuff is pretty much the same as what the mall stores have (bit more offseason gear tho) but everything is discounted 40-50%.


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                  Most of my running clothes are from stores like Marshall's, Target, Old Navy, Amazon, and Walmart.

                  For summer runs, I love Reebok shorts (bought from Marshall's). For cooler runs, I love 90 degree leggings (from Amazon). But for winter runs/races, I have fallen in love with a line of drawstring compression leggings found at Walmart.

                  I'm not a super speedy runner, but I do get easily irritated when something feels "off."


                  All of my shoes are brand name. Although I do tend to make sure they are discounted.

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