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    I heard someone say that a typical gym type spinning class burns about 600 calories. I've taken one spin class and definitely sweat my ass off, but I thought that cal count was a little excessive for one hour. Could this be correct? I might seriously have to consider joining a class more often if this is really the case.......
      I've heard that it was more like 800 for an hour. Some days it feels like it, some days it doesn't. Just depends on what we focus on.

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        That's just enough to burn off my mocha from Mcdonalds! Roll eyes
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          I would recommend a Heart Rate monitor that tells you how many calories you have burned. I have a polar F6 and I love it! It's great to know how many calories I burn in any given work out.

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            Here's my take: When I first started attending spin classes, I was already in quite good shape (had already completed a triathlon and was training hard). I basically started taking spin classes to supplement my outdoor biking (it's too hot down here in the summer to bike outdoors all the time). A 45 minute spin class (which I approached as if it were a training ride) burned approximately 500 calories for me AND nearly 650 calories for my 6', 187 lb (equally in shape) husband. As I've become more proficient with spinning (and my body has adapted to the types of paces/climbs that we do), I seem to burn between 375 and 450 calories per 45 minute class and a lot of that depends on my focus and approach to the class itself. DH is down to about 450 to 500 calories or so per class. We collected all of this data using our heart rate monitors. If you really want to find out what your spin class is doing for you in terms of calories; there's really no sub for a HR monitor since everyone (and every class) will be different.

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              hmm looks like i might be taking more spinning classes......thanks!
                Aren't calories burned more a function of O2 movement than HR? I'm not saying there's not a relationship because I would think your O2 volume would increase as your HR increases but it might not be a direct relationship. Regardless, I would be careful about using the numbers from a HRM to accurately count calories if you're then using the numbers to plan a diet.
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