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    I just joined this group today. I didn't make a New Years Resolution this year. I mad a resolution two months ago about my number one goal for 2010. Running the first half of the San Francisco Marathon. My son will be running with me and my brother. I haven't run a race in 35 years. I know, lofty goal. I don't care about times, I just care that I finish. I'm 53 years old, and still getting to my goal weight as well. I have been training on some steep hills in Half Moon Bay but need to get serious on some road running. I had total hip replacement surgery on my left hip in December of 2006. I am trying to find out if there would be specific training I should look into, with the hip situation. I ran cross country in high school and college, and did a couple marathons in my 20's but that was light years ago. I will do this and would like the advice of this group as to any specific training I should look at doing.



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      Welcome jonnyapple.  Glad to have you here.


      I will leave advice for the experts on the board.

        Welcome Johnny.  I am new to this group and newly back to running as well.    Good luck,



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          You can run after a hip replacement.



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              Welcome to the RAworld jonnyapple. I am sure you will find a lot of support around here. Good luck in the HM...and ...of course you can!!!!

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                Welcome, from one coastsider to another.  I've been out on the path a fair amount but should be doing more of the hills, especially because I'll be doing the SF 1st half too.  See you there!

                  Last January 25th, I slipped on ice and fractured my left hip.  I did not get a hip replacement, I had 3 screws in my left hip.  I am only just returning to running now--I can run about 5 miles now at about a 9 min. pace.


                  Good luck to you and hope you can participate in that race.



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                    Listen to Trent.   He can help you.   I am much older than you, have bursitis in my hip, and took up running for the first time at age 69.  My hip is about the same since I have been running (for a year and a half), and doesn't seem to be bothered one way or another by running.   Different muscles used, I guess.  I think you can do it.  Maybe talk to a good physical therapist.    Good luck.

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                      Jonnyapple: Welcome to RA. I too ran in cross-country in high school. In my 20's and 30's I ran some 10k's and a marathon (Palos Verdes, down here in SOCAL). Then I quit running until I was 50. By then I was 195 pounds (on a 5'7" frame that's alot) and had high blood pressure. By the time I was your age I was back to running three to four days a week and running some 5k's. I will be 60 this week and I am now running 60 miles a week and planning on running my first marathon in 30 yrs. this May (PV again) I now weigh 135 and my BP is normal. I know from my own experience that you will do fine. Good luck in running the Half. May I also invite you to join us at the Masters Runners user group. Both Mariposai and Woods Lady are also part of that group. You will find alot of encouragement and running info from this group of "seasoned" runners.



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                        Thanks for the advice and encouragement! I will accomplish this!!

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                          Welcome!  Very refreshing to see someone still so aggressive after a full hip replacement.  Best of luck to you and keep us up to date on your progress.


                          I once went into a job interview and the first thing the guy brought up was the mention of running under the "interests" category of my resume.  He slapped an artificial hip on the table (it was an ortho device company) and said "you're going to need this in 20 years".  I shrugged and replied "better than a stent I guess".  I didn't get the job...

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                            I joined today also. I had a hip replacement about 5 years ago, and am going to start running today. I used to be an avid long distance runner, and want to get back in shape.Good to know there are other people wit the same issue.


                              Hi everyone! I'm new to these boards and new to running. Sorry for resurrecting such an old thread, but it's right up my ally. I've just begun training for my first half marathon. I had a total left hip replacement 2.5 years ago (at the age of 33) and I'm feeling better than when I was 13 years old.


                              My questions are 1) Has anyone else done this and how did it turn out? 2) Can anyone give me tips on a training program?


                              I'm currently following Jeff Galloway's program for training for a run/walk, and a modified version at that. Any tips would be much appreciated! Thanks!

                                Thanks for the advice and encouragement! I will accomplish this!!

                                 All the best to you.  Looking forward to reading about it.

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