Treatment to Remove Toenail Fungus (Read 18212 times)

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    2. If you have toenail fungus, the ONLY way to cure it (short of toenail removal) is to take prescription medications that are both expensive and require blood test monitoring, and that for several months.


    3. Topical treatments, including vinegar, tea trea oil or fungal creams do nothing for this.




    i'd have to disagree. fungusil worked for me. i didn't want to take prescription drugs especially oral meds because i've hear they cause liver liver damages. i wouldn't want to risk that. i used fungusil because it has no significant side effects. it healed my nail perfectly in under three weeks. of course after it healed i didn;t stop medication for a good two weeks more. i also exercised proper hygiene with my feet. when i'm finished running i always change socks immediately, clean my feet up and dry them thoroughly. i'm fungus free ever since. no need for prescriptions, just fungusil and a lot of are.

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      What makes you certain that your toenail abnormality was the result of a fungal infection in the nail?


      And. Disagree all you'd like; I'm just sharing what research has demonstrated.

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          My toenails start to itch whenever I read in this thread...........




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            Sure looks like spam to me.  Single posts.  The IP address thing is pretty damning.


            Maybe they're just waiting, then they'd hit us with the URL or something.


            At least you're on top of it/interested/etc.


            At another board I frequent which shall remain nameless, but had a mass exodous about a year ago, I'll flag spam left and right, and those who administer it never remove it.  And it's blatent.


            Of course, barely anyone posts there anymore, so it hardly matters.


              How about the genital warts thread?  Spam?


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                How about the genital warts thread?  Spam?


                I mentioned that early... Big grin

                  Can you recommend a safe and effective treatment to remove spam?  It seems to keep coming back.

                  Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                    Can you recommend a safe and effective treatment to remove spam?  It seems to keep coming back.


                    No.  But I know topical treatments don't work.


                      spam does not treat fungus
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                        I think I have less than 10 total posts, too. But I'm not a spammer.  However, I have 9 jacked up toenails so I had to chime in.  


                        Turns out they are not fungus, but they look the same and gross people out accordingly.   So, I have that going for me, which is nice.


                        Doctor said my options were to 1) deal with it or 2) remove them.  


                        Apparently, you can kill the nail bed from repeated damage to the nails from things like soccer, basketball, and running.  Especially if you go several years with shoes that are a size too small.  


                        Just thought I would share.


                        If you need further info, I'm the guy wearing socks at the pool.  Smile


                          I tried to wear socks at the pool last weekend and Dirty Grace Flint gave me the stink eye.


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                            I've read through this whole thread (I have what looks to be toenail fungus too)  No one has mentioned laser treatment?  There are several ads in the local California papers from doctors using this treatment.  I've read different accounts about the success rate.


                              I have a (possibly) dead toe nail bed (that's what the Pod said it was, w/o running any tests) and another that kinda seems like it could be dying.  I need to schedule an appointment to go back and talk to him about this, but since I know I realistically won't do that for a long time...  I'll just post here.


                              Assuming it is NOT a fungus, and is indeed a damaged toenail bed (or whatever), can THAT be fixed?  Right now (not literally this moment as I sit in my office but I mean, generally/recently) I cut the whole toenail off, down the the cuticle.  It does not hurt.  It does not affect my running.   It actually looks pretty normal when exposed (in flip flops) unless you were to get down there and scrutinize it.  It looks better chopped off than when it grows out and is yellow-ish.


                              I forget what my question was, because the nail spam fungus got to my head.  Oh yes, can a dead nail bed become undead --not like a zombie tonail but can it be cured to look like the nice nails of my youth/pre-ultramarathon days?


                              Oh, and FWIW I did put tea tree oil on it for a while, several months back, and it actually did seem to do better, then it stopped doing better.  Sometimes it does that anyway, so I think that was not directly related to the tea tree oil, which I only even tried because I found some under my sink and did not know what else to do with it, so I put it on my toe.

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                                can THAT be fixed




                                But please, post pictures.