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    I found this site several months after I started to run. I was having a hell of a time and was nearly ready to throw in the towel when I stumbled upon RA. I've learned alot from some of the regular poster in your forum and have really enjoyed all the features that your log has. I feel that without the log and community, I would not have lasted this long, lost over 70 pounds and made such a positive change in my life.


    Good luck in your new endeavors and upcoming marriage. Whatever you need to do to make this work for you and your site, I'm all for it. Bring on the ads and a subscription if need be.


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      Dude whatever you want to do we will support you.  This site is so awesome. 

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        I'm fine with ads.  Who knows... might even buy something!



          first off I would like to join with all the others that have posted to say thank you for all your hard work/time to make this an awesome running site.

          2nd, I want to apologize for taking for granted this great site and all your work/efforts.  and lastly would like to apologize for not supporting you financially.  We have been on a very strict budget for awhile now & so have never donated before, but for the first time I have made a modest donation.  Wish it could be more.  I know you are trying to stay low-key & humble about asking for $ support but no need to feel guilty because  you have put in your time & energy to help us all out.  The post by Burnt Toast clearly shows that!  Maybe this would be a good time to let everyone know how to donate.  


          Thank you!




            Thanks for not leaving us Eric.  Bring on the ads and/or membership fee.  I love and need your site.

            eric :)

              Thank you everyone for your words of support.  I was quite nervous about how the announcement will be received.  This has not been an easy decision but I firmly believe it is in the best interest of the website and its users.  In all the years I've worked on RA, I hope that I have shown to not be motivated by money.  Yes, it's true that money changes everything, but I am not expecting riches, just enough to get by and make a living out of something I love.


              I removed the donation buttons because it is no longer appropriate to ask for your financial support.  For everyone that found the link and donated, thank you!  Like I said before, there will be no membership fees associated with using the training log.  It is unconscionable that some sites require you to pay in order to download your own data.  I could charge a subscription fee if you prefer, but it will only remove ads.  We do need to establish what is a fair amount.


              I always believed that a business can succeed by doing what is right.   I will never forget that you are the ones that made RA what it is today.  We can form a symbiotic relationship where everyone will benefit from this change.  Thank you again for your unwavering support!


              eric Smile


              Hold the Mayo

                Eric, I don't think you can charge anything even close to all the value I've received from this site, and I know I haven't donated nearly enough, considering the outstanding log, the terrific forums, and most of all the amazing people I've met (and "met"), and the terrific advice I've received since I started coming here.  If ads help you make this a full-time endeavor, by all means go for it - I'll click. It sucks about the job, but who knows - maybe when one door closes, another opens? I hope this turns out to be a huge barn door opening for you. 


                Congrats to you and your lovely bride-to-be, and I'm lookign forward to many more years of running and logging and posting here.  I'm with the others who will be behind you all the way. 

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                  Just want to add my thanks. 


                  Found RA just when I really needed it and, coincidence--causation, who knows? Who cares? I've been way more committed since. We only improve what we measure and your site has made that a breeze. 


                  The community is an added bonus. A big one. Just met a bunch of RA'ers in Boston--and give them (and you) a healthy dose of credit for my success there.

                  Thanks Eric.  Charge me or put ads up. I'm sticking around...

                   Dei Gratia



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                    Eric, I don't think you can charge anything even close to all the value I've received from this site



                      Dude whatever you want to do we will support you.  This site is so awesome.



                      Big 1 to this.  Soon as I figure out how to post, I'll go find the donate button. 


                      not bad for mile 25

                        It's clear that RA has been Eric's labor of love.  I find that thought reassuring - no doubt this place will continue to be his "baby."  Guess we have to take second place to his bride, though. Smile

                          Eric, congrats, and you can count on my support whether it is ads or membership fee.



                            You absolutely have my support.  This is the best training log I've used, and I can't wait to see what's in store.

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                              Eric, you have my full support in whatever you choose. I got burned by coolrunning.....lost log. Arrgghhh!!


                              Everyone on here can say this is a second home, outlet, therapy, learning tool, cult........ We need you and this site and its tools for our well being Smile  Keep up the great work!

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                                I would not have kept running were it not for RA, the log and this community.


                                Good luck to you Eric, count me in as another who is behind you as you kick off this next phase of RA and your life. Cheers

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