Nearing first 150 miles! and in only three months but not feeling the LOVE (Read 1972 times)

    I started running in May and have logged just under 150 miles.   I was never a runner and was over wieght.  The weight is coming down and the inches are melting away.  My question is this:  Everyone says they LOVE to run on this site.  I can confortable run 4 miles now but can't say I "love" it while doing it.  It's still alot like work and I have to concentrate on my breathing to keep it under control.  I do love the feeling of accomplishment when I'm done and the difference I am seeing in my body.  I also love being outside and especially love the runs at the metro parks around us, lots of wildlife and SHADE.  Is that the "love" you all are talking about or am I missing something?  Or am I just not a born runner?  Not giving up, but wanting the LOVE to kick in...  Smile 

      There are many different forms of love when it comes to running.  Some days it feels great to run.  Some days it feels great when you stop. :-) The breathing thing gets better as you build your running base.  It is a lot harder to breathe when the weather is hot and humid.  


      My biggest loves when I first started running with a purpose:

      I loved the way my legs and body changed as I started putting more effort into running.  

      I loved the confidence it gave me.  

      I loved seeing improvement.


      Like you, I love running trails, too.  I like it a lot better than roads.... most of the time.   Like just about everything else, it gets easier with practice. The one thing you can always love is keeping yourself healthy.  Sometimes it feels good and is easy.  Sometimes it feels like work.  Love yourself.  Be healthy.  Go run. :-)


      Congrats on 150 miles!  

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        I understand what you're asking.  A few years ago, I wrote the following:

        "...Have to admit that I don't love running, but sure do like the results and every now then have a day on the road that makes me grateful that I'm blessed with the time and ability to log the miles..."


        I think you should search for what you like about running -- don't let other's expectations define it for you.

        I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

          Thank you that is very liberating.  I guess I didn't look at it like that.  I should just take joy in the time outside and that I am getting healthier! 

            It will happen.  Give it more time.  You probably need a little more conditioning, maybe another day per week.  It did not happen for me until about 3 months.  Until then it was WORK.  And I only felt good after it, never during.  Then magically, I must have hit some kind of milestone, 20 mpw, 3 to 4 months at it, and I started to enjoy parts of the process, where you escape your body, and not feel tortured by your subordinate relationship with gravity.  And I'd get little "runner's high" after the run.  Which would make me actually look forward to the next run.  I never thought I would "crave" running, but I did eventually.

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              I am always surprised when people say they do not love running.It is like saying you do not love mom, country and apple pie. I known I am crazy.

              Run until the trail runs out.

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                I remember that point.  It's a means to an end, every step is work.  There are aspects to the process that you like, especially the end benefits, but you get no love out of the actual act of going for a run.


                Then, someday an indeterminate amount of time down the road, you'll be the only one out there on a crisp beautiful morning....the strides will come briskly and with a lot less effort than usual...and you will realize that you couldn't imagine your life any other way.


                Give it time, it will come.

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                   It's still alot like work and I have to concentrate on my breathing to keep it under control.


                  Slow down a little...you may find that you love it more when you're not gasping for breath. Smile

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                    Slow down a little...you may find that you love it more when you're not gasping for breath. Smile

                     Nothing wrong with walking when gasping for breath.  I do, especially on trails.

                      Your love of running might be different every time, but that doesn't mean you'll love running every time.  I commend anyone that can say they love running every time they go out because I certainly don't.


                      Much like you, some days I love running because the weather is nice.  Some days I love running because I felt like I ran fast.  Some days I love running because I feel like I accomplished something (even if it wasn't running fast).


                      If running is like a relationship, then you can't ask when you'll love it because no one knows.  You'll just realize it one day.


                      Sadly, running will never love you back.  It's like one of those bad relationships where, more than anything, you learn about yourself and what you can give.  And there's a chance you'll keep going back to it after a breakup...or two, or three.


                      Seriously, I will echo what others have said:  slow down.  You can't run fast every day, and you don't need to.

                      There was a point in my life when I ran. Now, I just run.


                      We are always running for the thrill of it

                      Always pushing up the hill, searching for the thrill of it


                        Congratulations on your 1st 150 miles! 

                        For me, it was a journey, and I don't remember when it became so enjoyable.  It just happened.


                        But I remember the 1st summer of running, and I remember the pain from it.  I started running on a track at a local middle school, and I'd run a quarter lap, walk for a quarter lap, run, walk....  I remember the mosquitos, the weeds growing through the cracks in the black top track, and the sound of my foot hitting the ground every step.  I remember shin splints, high humidity, and being alone at the track. 


                        Eventually, on that same track during that same summer, I remember the sunsets, the "24 lap" sessions, the 1 mile run to the track and back from it, and the feeling of accomplishment. 


                        Since then, I've been hooked.  There's been a week or two or three where I didn't run at all over the past 10 years (injury, lost focus, ...), but the lifestyle hasn't changed.  I'm active.

                        FWIW, I don't care for the smell of flowers, the sound of birds, sunrises, sunsets, or the deer sightings on my routes.  They're great when they happen, but that's not why I love running.  I run because I can, and because I should, and because it feels good.


                        I remember early on in my running career, I read about President Bush being able to run a 5k race in 21 minutes.  At the time, I was probably running that distance in about 27 - 29 minutes, and I made it a "goal" to match his time because I couldn't believe that a President that was "old" could run so fast.  I remember that being one of my 1st motivators during my 1st couple years.  I did NOT love training for speed and trying to run faster that I should have to try to do something like that.... BTW, I gave up after getting down to 21:07 and took a few weeks off of running because I was disappointed.

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                          Its been my experience (from starting back up running a few times) that I dont especilly LOVE running for about 6 months or so....because its too hard at first (which is why so many people quit and so few even make it for a year).     Also, I have found that as i get into better shape, my miles become a little easier to run the whole process improves....


                          THEN ONE DAY - Im out there running and suddenly realize that it seems kind of effortless all of a sudden it seems like fun. 


                          In my case, I have found that I enjoy running a lot more, if I run more days per week......I have always found it easier to run a shorter distance 6 or 7 days per week then to try to run longer distances every other day.......(or I'm better off running 2 to 5 miles every day then to run 4 miles every other day).........it just works better for me and over the course of time it all just feels better....


                          LASTLY --- I absolutely HATE the first mile to 1.5 miles.......its not at all unusual for me to stop running and throw in a few short walk breaks during that first mile or so......I did it today after about .75 of a mile...walked about 2 mintues, then continued my run and it felt great from then on.....so don't hesitate to make it easy on yourself if you need or want to.....


                          BUT, give it some time and keep out there and your body will transfor and so will your LOVE for the sport....


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                            It's always an effort, it's the nature of the beast.


                              It took me a while to love it, but I love it to the point of addiction now! 

                              Even still, though, I don't like the first several miles.  I always thought if I never started running longer distances, I never would have loved   The first few is always getting into the groove.

                              Just a dude.

                                For me, I get to the point where I feel better running than I do not running.  I get to the point where i feel light and free, where my body is barely there as I float along... I might be running easy or ticking off miles at a fast pace... I might be exploring a route I've never done before, or doing the same silly course I've done 50 times before. But that's when I can say that I am a runner.  Not just a person who likes to run.  It's then I can say I love it.  Doesn't happen every day, but often enough to keep me completely addicted.


                                I had ankle surgery a couple months ago, and I am ramping it up again.  It will be several months before I get back to that... I am so looking forward to it.  Makes the days where my legs are sore and I just don't wanna do it anymore worth it in the long run...



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