Lose fat with just running? (Read 262 times)

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      Diet and exercise are both important, and welcome to the site, by the way.

      Why not work on both?
      Diet determines how many and what calories you consume. Exercise helps burn them.

      To lose weight, it is commonly thought that getting your diet (what you eat) under control is very necessary.

      You can lose weight by watching what you eat without specialized diets. Dieting is often frowned upon because many specialized diets may help people lose some weight but are less successful at keeping the weight off longer term.

      In the exercise area, the recommendation i've heard from physical trainers and others is to add some resistance strength training to your cardio training to maximize weight loss. Muscle is a very effective fat burner and continues to burn fat long after a workout. So trainers i've observed over the years get clients doing some strength training right from the outset. And of course, cardio, like running, burns calories by the very nature of the activity requiring calores in order to do it.

      Good luck. Be patient and persistent.

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        If you start running and eat a healthy diet then you’ll lose weight naturally and that’s your best plan. I agree with Seattle about adding some cardio/strength training into your routine which will help avoid running injuries.

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          You have to determine what got you to 210 lbs. If this was eating poorly and not exercising, THEN eating more healthy and moving the body (walk/run/resistance training) will help you lose weight. You don't need any special "diet" however you should educate yourself as to what healthy eating is. A lot of confusion around that. AND think about making your changes a lifestyle rather than a temporary period where you exercise more and diet. Lead a healthier lifestyle and the weight will come off and this weight loss does not have to be fast.

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            If you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight. A few problems with expecting just running to lose the weight. Now I have weighed myself before and after an 18 mile run on a hot day and had a loss of 7 pounds! However, that was mostly water sweating out despite carrying an 32 oz water bottle with me. The runner's body gets trained to run very efficiently. I don't know the amount exactly, but I think you might burn up a half pound of fat on a 12 mile run. If you have a sugary sports drink to recover with and then you eat more with a bigger appetite after exercising, you may find yourself gaining instead of losing. Now if you combine the running with a diet you will get good results. Just be aware of what you consume, sugary, high carb or fatty foods are not good choices for weight loss. Fresh vegetables are good. One thing I tried was two homemade high fiber bran muffins for breakfast and then lunch and dinner could be as much homemade vegetable soup as I wanted or as much fresh salad as I wanted, careful with the fatty salad dressings. My doctor was very surprised at how quickly I lost weight! 

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              You don't need a special diet to lose weight, you just need to eat fewer calories than you burn. MyFitnessPal is a good way to track what you are eating and how many calories you burn on a day to day basis. Exercise will burn some calories, but you need to make sure  that you are eating less if you want to lose weight. What made the biggest difference for me was to eat out less. Most restaurant meals are very high calorie. You can easily eat a day's worth of calories with just one meal. Tracking everything you eat can open your eyes to how many calories you eat on a daily basis.

                Yes, it is that simple.  Eat a healthy diet - heavy on the fruits and vegetables, exercise a lot, and the weight will take care of itself.  Do not try for fast weight loss.  A pound or two per month will get you there, it will just take a while.


                Your health, your fitness, and your weight are all a result of your total lifestyle.  So move toward a healthy diet that you can maintain for the rest of your life.  Find an exercise that you can maintain for the rest of your life.  That exercise could be walking, running, bicycling, swimming, dancing, martial arts, cutting firewood, lawn mowing, or anything where you can work up a sweat.  Or any combination of exercises.

                  The calorie in/out equation does not lie. Some people are in denial about their eating habits and intake, and want to BELIEVE that you can gain weight eating fewer calories than you burn, but it's impossible.


                  Also keep in mind that the more time you spend running, the less time you can spend eating.


                  I don't eat healthy by a long stretch, and I'm not obese running 20-50 miles a week. There are probably faster ways to lose weight combining diet and exercise, but I think if it comes off too fast there is a tendency for it to come BACK fast, too.


                  Remember: it's not about losing weight, it's about being in better health and fitness. And let's be frank, it's often about looking smaller and fitting in smaller clothes. Muscle weighs more than fat, so you might drop 5 dress sizes but be the same weight. Don't get addicted to looking at the scale and using THAT as the yardstick of success.

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                    As JRMichler says, yes it is that simple, but since we are complicated beings, no, it isn't simple.  That's why simply adopting a diet, or simply exercising, or both, often fail.  Adopting a lifestyle is getting closer, but I  think a better of describing it is that you need to adopt a vision of the person you want to be.  The vision needs to be realistic, long term, and ongoing. Once you have that vision of yourself, what you eat and what you think and what you do will naturally be directed toward that vision.

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                      In general, no. But it works for some people. And for more people running is part of a change of lifestyle, mindset, and discipline that leads to weight loss.



                      Zofia Kopytlanka

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                          Good luck!

                          Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits.
                          - Mark Twain

                            Good luck.  And please mark this thread, then come back in a year or so and let us know how you are doing.

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                              Pretty much what everyone else said.  My experience is that it takes a combination of diet and exercise to lose weight.


                              I don't know what kind of shape you are in at 210 lbs, but with the running ease into it.  I would even go as far as to say to start by walking a half and hour a day.  Then add onto it.  As others have said it's a lifestyle change so just let things take care of themselves over time.


                              As for the eating, I would start a journal.  Write down what you eat (everything).  You may be surprised.  It's those little nickels and dimes that you don't count that get you.  Write down everything and review each day.


                              Good luck.




                                I didn't see mention of any sort of health workup, blood work and the like.  I have an autoimmune disease that makes putting on weight difficult.  My brother is the opposite, no matter what he eats or does he can't lose much weight, he has Hashimoto's, I have Graves.  Both are thyroid autoimmune diseases.  Have a health checkup first and make sure you don't have any underlying issues.  Take it slow and gradually build up endurance.  Too much, too fast, too soon is a recipe for an injury.  Good luck and you can do this!

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